[Playlist] 6YEARS

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…And yet another year has gone by. Can you believe we made it to the big six? We don’t. 

A lot of things have changed throughout time, whether it is inside the team or more generally in the environment we chose to position and grow PLUGIN-MAG(dot)COM. Things are perpetually evolving and it is our duty to adapt as much as we can. We are committed to continue meeting  challenges and evolve accordingly. After all, we are still the same passionate souls we were when we started this adventure, six whole years ago. Thank you for sticking around, whoever you are, wherever you are.



In this playlist, we have selected some of our current favorite songs, as well as tracks that have marked our time as a team in the past years. Let the party begin! 


Front Row Hustle – DZ Deathrays, Briggs, Jesswar and Trials
Stigmata – Grandson
Numb Without You – The Maine
Suburbia – Press Club
Carte Blanche – The Charm The Fury 
Something Good – The Damned Things
Balance, Not Symmetry – Biffy Clyro
Dinner & Diatribes – Hozier
Echoes – John Floreani
MAlicious 444 – Can’t Swim
Shawinigan – Rarity
List & Heel – Defeater
Fear – Cursed Earth 
Separation Scars – Modern Error 
Slowfade – Sleep Talk 
The Noble Lie – Heights 
wonderful life – Bring Me The Horizon (ft. Dani Filth)
King – The LaFontaines
all the good girls go to hell – Billie Eilish 
THE GUILTY PARTY – While She Sleeps
Evil Twins – Set To Change 
Mistakes Like Fractures – Knocked Loose
Real Thing – Turnstile
Sibling Rivalry – PUP
65 Nickels – Pkew Pkew Pkew
The Backwoods – Halogens 
Big Ass Love – Angel Du$t
The Corner’s Dilemma – Free Throw
Am I Doing It Right? – Alex Lahey
Heart is Healing – Martha
No Cure – Sunsleeper
Jellyfish – Slowly Slowly
Goddamn – NeverLoved
Ask For The Anthem – Ocean Grove
Sucker – Jonas Brothers
Trashbag Baby – SWMRS
The Best Is yet to Come – The Amsterdam Red Light District (Ft. Liam Cormier)
Cut My Lip – Twenty One Pilots
Don’t Stop Me Now – The Regrettes


Listen to this playlist using the following link : 6YEARS

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