Playlist #53 – SUMMER ROLLIN

We love a good playlist for hot and lazy summer days, whether we’re lounging by the poolside or enjoying a little calm before the storm at the office. Here’s our contribution! 

Daytime TV – Dear Seattle
She’s A God – Neck Deep 
Feeling Lost – Cemetery Drive
Burn It Down – Silverstein ft. Caleb Shomo
Never Sleep – Saviour
Lucid – Polaris 
ANTI-SOCIAL – While She Sleeps
Break Me Down – Sleeping With Sirens
Lions and Lambs – Have Heart
Out For Blood – Sum 41
Sugar Coated – Heart Attack Man 
Can’t Afford It – Baker’s Eddy
Thinking About You – Press Club 
Souvenir – Sunsleeper
Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead – John Floreani
Formaldehyde – Didirri
Blind Ambition – The Dangerous Summer
My Honest Face – Inhaler
Suffer This – Afterparty
Dary – Hot Mulligan
Breather – Prince Daddy and The Hyena
Frequent Crier – Future Teens
Frida – Holy Holy
Bragging Rights – Proper. 
Monochrome – Holding Absence
I Think I’m OKAY – Machine Gun Kelly ft. Yungblud
Flies – Nervus
Listen to this playlist : SUMMER ROLLIN

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