A Postcard from London…CAPSIZE, Nov. 2016

Capsize – London, Nov. 2016 © Natasja De Vries // www.plugin-mag.com

We’ve been mentioning Capsize quite a few times in a little over a year, but there are reasons for that:

  • They do tour a lot and extensively. Think over 200 shows a year, covering a good part of the globe. Think Europe twice a year at least. It’s great because we get to see them evolve over the time.
  • 2016 marked the release of ‘A Reintroduction:…’, the band’s sophomore full-length. After some teasing but no disappearing, Capsize embarked on yet another journey across cold Europe, as part of a wonderful line up headlined by Being As An Ocean.

This tour was a perfect match between bands of a similar vein, obviously, but mostly bands who love and respect each other and most importantly bands who spread love around them. The passionate atmosphere definitely was palpable on this tour.

Capsize are a hard working (young) band who have already achieved so much. They understood quite early in the process how to bring something new to the table and quickly positioned themselves above the average in the crowded post hardcore landscape.

Capsize often put on memorable performances. They tend to play with particular vehemence and this London show was no exception.

Our friend and photographer Natasja was there to capture it and it even (almost) made her forget the physical pain she was in, that day.


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