Report : August Burns Red / BlessTheFall / Counterparts – Brussels (27.09.2013)

abr_rr_eurotouradmat_1 The 27th of September, we had a rendez-vous with some special acts from the modern american hardcore scene, August Burns Red alongside BlessTheFall and Counterparts. Here’s our review of the show.

 Starting off the night is the promising melodic hardcore band, Counterparts. Coming all the way from Canada, they’re here to promote their new record ‘The Difference between Hell and Home’ in our lands. Well received and rated by the press, this album has given the band a bit more recognition and it shows in the room tonight.
As we already saw Counterparts last October on their headline tour with Empires Fade and Climates, we had some expectations about tonight’s performance and they have been met.  Even though the band is not much communicating with their audience (which may be caused by their short timing?), they have obviously caught everyone’s attention. Some fans don’t hesitate to sing their lungs out on songs like Witness or The Disconnect. Counterparts did exactly what is expected from an opening band, they’ve awoken the room without exhausting it.

Next on stage is a band that is getting quite known in this kind of music scene. We’ve seen BlessTheFall several times before but we have to admit that we have never witnessed such a crazy crowd (to be honest, the room has never been this big before though).
Having released a new record as well, over a month ago, the band is here to prove that they have evolved and did put a lot of hard work for this fourth album. The audience seems to have given much appreciation to ‘Hollow bodies’ as the devoted fans in the venue are singing (yelling) the lyrics to songs such as Déjà vu or You wear a crown but you’re no king. The band’s presence is remarkable, Beau Bokan confirms his reputation of a great showman and frontman. While the crowd is jumping up and down, and some fans are stagediving, we could feel all the band members appreciating the moment and giving their best so that the fans could remember this night. Finally, BlessTheFall wrapped up things with one of the audience’s favorites , Promised ones, leaving the room on a high level of energy.

And last but not least, here comes the main reason of our presence tonight, the now inevitable band from our current hardcore scene, August Burns Red. The room is packed and ready to sweat.
The band has a new record out, “Rescue and Restore” which is one of their finest. This tour is about its promotion and for that, they chose to play 5 off it, we can name Fault line and Spirit Breaker, the last singles, or Provision, which kicked off their set. The most dedicated fans in the room already know the lyrics and don’t hesitate to scream them. And as always, Jacob Luhrs will make the crowd get on its feet, dance and applause. We could see everyone trying to make its way to the pit, ending up with no pit, just a unit crowd getting sweaty, crowdsurfing and singing its heart out. This unit audience will give its everything on titles that became anthems, we’re obviously talking about songs like Meddler, Internal Cannon,  Salt & Light or Empire. These are some powerful songs that leave everyone in the room breathless. Each person in the venue seem to be appreciating the moment and to have fun, especially the five band members on stage. And there, the experience shows and the energy never gets down. After leaving the stage, August Burns Red will be cheered to come back for a great encore, with the songs Composure and White Washed, giving the show an explosive ending.

To sum up, August Burns Red‘s performance was brilliant, combining heaviness and charisma. The charm still works. We were afraid they’d be less energetic because of the tour getting to an end but this wasn’t the case at all. After several times seeing this band, they still manage to surprise us. Must be a sign of greatness.


PS : More about ABR coming up real soon on PLUG-IN. Watch this space!

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