Show review : NoYdem / Hero of the Day / Blitz Kids – Paris (21.10.2013)


We got to the venue a little bit late, unfortunately and couldn’t catch opener’s Noydem whole set, however, from what we’ve seen, we can say that the Parisians did technically good job. Sure we could still feel the lack of experience but after all, it’s only by practicing and playing more shows that they will build their identity as a band.  In the end, the performance was honorable for a debuting group. Noydem closed their set with a cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance which is quite ambitious, but they managed to make it appreciable, which is positive. We wish this band good luck for the future and hope to see them again someday with some more progress and improvement.

The second (local) band tonight that rose the temperature in the venue, Hero of the Day are also quite new to the scene from what we’ve heard, but they have a great potential already which makes them a good contender to take over the helm of the french alternative rock scene in the  next few years if they keep on going this way. With crisp vocals and well-crafted music overall, the band has a nice stage presence and seem committed. We could however feel the pressure from time to time, but nothing bad. This is still a promising band. Hero Of The Day will be releasing a debut EP pretty soon and they gave tonight’s audience a foretaste of what’s yet to come with the song New Life Experience, that should be – if we make no mistake- their first single out of it.

Not so many people showed up tonight for Blitz Kids‘ first ever show in Paris, but the least we can say is that the few people in the audience were fully present and looking forward to it, as it quickly went crazy. Looking like an intimate basement show, it was delightful to notice the enthusiasm of the performers, as well as the crowd’s obvious excitement. Blitz Kids took advantage of this first show of their “mini” Euro-run to introduce a new song called Title Fight that will be featured in their upcoming album (due to release early next year). The band was clearly committed and willing to give everything they had to their French audience and with humor. The song choice was smart, with most of their new hits such as Run For Cover and Never Die, but also older ones like Maybe We’ll Die, Maybe We Won’t and Story.
Blitz Kids wrapped up their show with On My Own, that was kind of a highlight as everyone went nuts, joining the band on stage singing along to the lyrics.
Overall this was a great evening to begin the week with!


Photos of the show available HERE.

Special thanks to One Heartbeat Productions

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