Report : Circles / Maybeshewill / The Dillinger Escape Plan – Paris (28.09.2013)

1383140_559972290724455_789211885_nDivan Du Monde in Paris – September 28th : The Dillinger Escape Plan is back in Paris, bringing with them on this occasion some quality guests in Circles and Maybeshewill.

Opening the stage tonight in Paris are the Australians of Circles. Having heard a lot of good critics about this progressive metal band (and their fine EP ‘Compass’), we were quite looking forward to discovering them live and they didn’t disappoint. Indeed, despite a very small amount of people in the room while they started playing, Circles delivered a very good, well-rounded set. Their performance was pretty interesting, especially for the complex guitars and lead singer’s Perry Kakridas’ rather impressive voice. In fact, he’s got this ability to sing slightly high notes keeping them going for long. The performance was short but intense and very energetic, combining hard-hitting sounds (think of a junction between Periphery and Textures), with softer ones and also some electronics, making everything sound both strong and atmospheric, which helped Circles conquering the people in presence.

Next up are Maybeshewill, that are some kind of UFOs tonight (but not so much in the end) as they sound slightly different from the others. Which isn’t a negative point in the end. Indeed, the brits are a 100% instrumental band, so it’s kind of special, but they delivered a honest and powerful performance that prepared kindly the audience to the storm that was coming next. It’s beautiful and engaging, especially when you can witness the band members commitment. Most of the crowd seemed rather captivated than bored, which make it a wonderfully special moment of music. And hats off to the Leicester boys for being able to catch everyone’s attention with post rock fully instrumental numbers!

It’s now time for the headliners to hit the stage and they totally did in complete The Dillinger Escape Plan style! The americans immediately set the tone with an explosive entrance including Greg Puciato’s stage dive since the opening Prancer. Serious things really kick off here when the packed room is already on fire. People scream, shout, jump, crowd surf relentlessly and it’s simply breathtaking. Not only the show is visually good (great light show, screenings…) but is was also completely insane in terms of performance. Tireless, Dillinger string together a lot of their hits such as Farewell Mona Lisa, Milk Lizard and Panasonic Youth just like a roller coaster, with some high points such as Ben Weinman’s guitar solo literally standing on the crowd. In addition to being extremely skilled and talented, let’s acknowledge these guys are very charismatic. With that being said, we could notice that Puciato still has some weaknesses when it comes to clean singing but this hasn’t taken anything off his incredible performance. Also, we could feel little decrease of energy on the last third of the show (maybe was it the heat?), but not for long.
The Dillinger Escape Plan wrap up their muscular performance with a much awaited encore consisting in Gold Teeth On A Bum and of course Sunshine The Werewolf.

This was an outrageously spectacular and sweaty saturday night that we most definitely enjoyed, as much as everyone else that has probably lost a limb in the sold-out venue. This tour is pretty extensive and still going, so don’t miss it out if it stops near you!


Photos coming up soon, as well as our interview with Circles‘ frontman Perry K.

(featured image credit goes to Ben Weinman)


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