Exposing a new sound: from tension to Resolve



I. The Fallout

Last time we checked, this band called Above The North had just wrapped up a successful year of 2015, which included the release of an excellent EP and a tour in Europe. Things got a little bit silenced then, until we learned about the end of Above The North a few months later. What happened behind the curtains didn’t come to our attention until late, which isn’t bad at all.

For some reason, distance and creative clashes were to blame and they eventually parted ways with their vocalist, while the three remaining musicians started reflecting on the state of them keeping making music together (all brothers.)

“We agreed on the fact that we wanted to explore new grounds and broaden our horizons in terms of music. So after playing music with two different singers on 2 different EPs, maybe it was time for us to leave Above The North behind and engage in a new stage.”


II. The Experiment

What came next for the now trio, was to understand what they really wanted and (re)define their new artistic approach as a band. It calls for new ethics as well, which is what Robin, Aurélien and Nathan started doing early 2016. And it started with the new studio they built from scratch, with their own hands (literally.) That’s where the magic happened and where they’ve been hiding for months; having all the time they needed to record demos, incorporating new elements, try it all out live. The challenge was definitely to mark a new chapter, but at the same time, the band displayed a strong will to not change radically.

In the end, it seems to be working, while according to Robin, it is thanks to the aforementioned “hybridization” of their working methods that they managed to enrich their music as much as they needed, without losing their trademark.


III. The Reconstruction 

About 6 months after all this, the band started feeling like they were strong enough to venture into the next step, which was completing the band.

The three brothers are young, yet they keep their feet on the ground and are very well aware that their previous band fell apart, partly because of their position of 3 brothers with a strong personality and strong views on the evolution of their music, which is why, picking a new member, and a new vocalist per se, came out more as a challenge than it could have been for another band. Long story short, Anthony – originally on vocal duty for french band HAPPENING – joined the band and quickly understood the context, the ins and outs of being part of such a band.

“We consider ourselves lucky because we had a lot of respect for his talent and he surprised us even more when we did some recordings with his vocals on our demos. Very few frontmen in “local” bands expand their vocal ability as far as he does. He also brought great ideas for the tracks we were still writing at the time.”


IV. Resolve

Apart from resolving this huge issue of finding a new, striking and efficient name for the band, Resolve stands for the determination that helped keeping focused, after difficult times.

“Musically, Resolve also means for us resolving a harmony and bring back balance after moments of tension.”

At the end of 2016, Resolve have recorded a handful of tracks, in which they highlighted their ever growing musical skills. More -unusual – elements have been added to the music, since the Above The North days and it’s the result of a long time of research, work and self reflection. Resolve is about giving their all and mastering what they do best, all in the most professionally DIY manner.

You can watch below Exposed, which is the first single Resolve are presenting. It is as heavy as it’s touching and comes with a music video that tackles the theme of nightmare. Directed by Zak Pinchin, this music video underlines the band’s thoroughness and musicianship.

We can only advise you to keep an eye out on Resolve in the coming weeks.


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