Rounding Off 2016 in style with Blood Youth

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The end of 2016 marked the return of While She Sleeps on the (mainland) European grounds, with a 18-date headline tour around the continent. Probably as a way to connect again with the fans out here, but also to prepare for a big year of 2017, where it would certainly take a hurricane to clean up the mess they’ll make (pun intended.)
Back to this October/November tour : While She Sleeps took with them two fellow british bands as supports : The Temple and Blood Youth.

Shows in Paris are always a mystery, as no one never really knows what to expect from the crowd and the general atmosphere, especially when it comes to opening acts.
Blood Youth were playing second on that night, right after The Temple, an interesting stoner(ish) rock band from Doncaster (that’s where While She Sleeps are also from; it’s great to see that these guys always make a point in supporting their local scene), who despite being slightly different from the rest of the line up did a great job in heating up a difficult crowd for the first time.

It’s no secret that we -at PLUG-IN – have been following Blood Youth closely for the past year and that we enjoy the way they are currently evolving. In fact, from their very first european shows with Architects, to a quick stop at Lyon’s Longlive Rockfest, to a successful, huge tour with While She Sleeps; Blood Youth show everyone how: a) hard work pays off, b) dreaming big is perfectly fine.

The Harrogate quartet stepped on stage with the clear intention of taking the room by storm, which they did. Not only did they please all the people who definitely came for them, but judging from the way the set built up, Blood Youth also conquered quite a few more metal/hardcore enthusiasts. From the opener 24/7, to final track Mood Swing, the band opens in full force and rounds things off even stronger, despite some weaknesses in between. If clear vocals sometimes seem to be out of tune, everything is otherwise on point, so we’re not worried about the turn these guys’ career could take, at this point.

Even in terms of presence, Blood Youth spread a lot of positive vibes, show confidence, but also generosity. Their identity as a band  is strong, but at the same time, they all show different personalities, as individuals, which is refreshing, as it makes them “characters” everyone can relate to, one way or another. One thing for sure, Blood Youth know their craft. If you ever consider checking them out live, don’t hesitate, because you’re in for a treat. If you have already in the past and have the opportunity to do it again, just go. They’re one of those bands whose evolution is quite interesting to witness.

We’ve already told you their story, early this year and explained why this is a band we do believe in. We even got you a little “behind the scenes” with them. So we’re not going to get much more into details here, but as this is the end of the year, we thought we could share with you something cool, from a chat we had with them a little while back, when they performed some festival, in England. See below!

Oh and you will also find some photos of this show in Paris, France, that we mentioned earlier.

Blood Youth have just rounded off their year with completing the recording of their first full length album, so watch out for it in 2017!

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Favorite festival(s) to attend?

Chris : I grew up going to Leeds Festival, well Reading and Leeds, so that’s a big one for me, I haven’t been in years, but like the lockup stage. And all the heavy stages there.
Sam : Mine has gotta be Download, Because I just grew up going to that like years.
Max : I never actually went to a festival, not a major one, till we played download, that was the first thing I’d ever been to, so…
Kaya : Yeah I’m the same, I live near leeds so I’d say Leeds fest.
Chris : Yeah like Kaya said Leeds fest for us is like, half an hour from where we live and like, my dad would take us on like the Sunday which was like the lighter day for what he wanted to see, but for me it was like all the heavy stages and the smaller stages.

Dream festival line up?

Chris : Slipknot headlining.
Sam : Shall we have a band each?
Chris : I’ll go headliner, Slipknot.
Max : I’m big into The Wonder Years so I’m gonna say them.
Chris : They could probably be like, a little bit more down, I think
Max: The 1975 before Slipknot. Can I go Wonder Years and Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties, like together?
Sam : Soupy Lad!
Max: Soupy Lad, they can do it!
Sam : I think I’ll take an Architects somewhere in that lineup, maybe main support?
Kaya: Mastodon as well, just for jokes, just for riffs, and Every Time I Die.
Chris: Yeah, yeah that would be killer.

Favourite live band?

Chris : To see live like, Slipknot is probably gonna be my all time favourite band, and we just done a small tour with Every Time I Die, and those guys are the most unpredictable people on stage, and I think that was the most fun live show I’ve ever seen, cus one minute he’s up and like the guitarist, Jordan, is like, on an amp one minute, it’s like, the amp is on the fucking floor you know, there’s no telling with that band, so I love that.
Sam : We did a run with Beartooth last year, and they do a little stage swap where they get like another band on the tour to play some parts and then those boys just jump in the crowd, so that’s sick. That looked awesome, like Kamron’s (editor’s note : Kamron Bradbury, Beartooth) just off his tits isn’t he, going mad.
Kaya : I just agree, I agree, Every Time I Die was- you know we’ve been lucky to play with like Architects and things like that and it’s all just amazing.

Favorite albums this year? (editor’s note : at this point, we’re in mid-2016)

Chris : The new Letlive. Album was amazing, that was probably my favourite so far.
Max : All our gods have abandoned us, the new Architects was.
Kaya : yeah that’s probably mine.
Sam : I gotta say what I can’t stop listening to now is Blink, their new album.
Chris : Is that, is that Stray From The Path album this year?
Sam : End of last year? It’s fine, whatever, sick album; counts for both years.


Full photo album here :
BLOOD YOUTH || Paris 2016

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