Album Review: Gengahr – A Dream Outside

gengahrThey may hail from the rainiest part of the world, but London’s own Gengahr are giving the California sun a run for its money with their incredibly impressive debut album, ‘A Dream Outside’. Dig out your sunglasses and prepare to welcome the long-awaited summer.

Opener Dizzy Ghosts strays in between stratospheric and gritty, sweeping you up in a whirlwind of colour with all the charm only a Brit could muster. “Darling we started out with nothing” is repeated as the music fades into feedback, heralding a bigger metaphor—this band are on the up and up with a sound beyond their time and stature. She’s A Witch follows suit, creeping in just slowly enough to cast an ethereal spell, enchanting and fascinating you in every note, much like the woman this song is about.

This is an album for lazy summer days—the ones we’ve all been dreaming about ever since that first glimpse of the sun peeked through the long winter. Bathed In Light is a stellar example, with dreamy vocals, a quirky yet somehow airy beat which will take you higher with every chorus. And with the likes of Dark Star providing a near-instrumental exploration of the group’s musicality, there’s nothing to keep you from closing your eyes and disappearing to a land miles away full of cloudless skies, adventure, and of course purely beautiful music.

Indie music has always been under the reign of the UK, and Gengahr are proudly representing the scene with flying colours. ‘A Dream Outside’ is exactly that: a glorious British summer’s day—rare, full of opportunity, and something to be cherished.




Gengahr – ‘A Dream Outside’

Release: 15.6.15 via Transgressive Records

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