Review : Muncie Girls / Sandlotkids – Split Single

MG_SLK_Split_2015After discovering Sandlotkids live at New Noise Festival this summer, we knew we wouldn’t stop hearing about them anytime soon. So when we learned about the infectious german band’s split with british punk rock trio Muncie Girls, it was obvious we were in for a treat. The combination of the two bands was not that obvious though as we could wonder how Sandlotkids’ heartfelt, seahaven-esque atmosphere would fit with Muncie Girls’ catchy, high-powered sound. But it did.

This ‘Split Single’ features four tracks, including two by female-fronted trio from Exeter Muncie Girls then two by münchner band Sandlotkids.
Muncie Girls kicks off with Gone With The Wind, a fast and well-produced song that smells like summer. This recording will be on their upcoming album so we can only bet this release will get under our skin rather fast. They then take on the hard job of covering The Ramones, and somehow manage to give Pet Sematary a new youth by granting the 1989 song a contemporary pop-rock twist.
Sandlotkids afterwards take over with a much darker song than what they had accustom us to create : Dramatic Comedy. Though we can distinguish Sandlotkids’ identity through their vocalist and the introductional melody, Dramatic Comedy quickly takes a heavier and gloomier flavor. Wide Awake (the split’s closing track by Sandlotkids) offers a more colourful sound that suits what Sandlotkids made us feel like with their live performance. The german band therefore succeeds to present two ways they can express their work, proving their musical sprectrum is large than what we what we might think.
As you might have picked it up now, the ‘Split Single’ of Muncie Girls and Sandlotkids goes in several directions. Nevertheless, it makes it the perfect soundtrack to early fall, when summer’s not really over yet (Gone With The Wind), but we can already feel winter making its way to us (Dramatic Comedy).

Muncie Girls / Sandlotkids – ‘Split Single’
Released : October 16th, 2015, via Uncle M.

Words : Gaëlle Pitrel

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