Show Review : Your Demise Farewell show in Bruges, BE (17.10.2013)


Thursday October 17 was a quite special day. For every belgian Your Demise fan, the JH Thope in Bruges was the place to be, as it was the band’s last show in the country. And for this special event, they brought Coldburn and Betrayal as supports.

Starting off the night is the german hardcore band Coldburn. As they already have been to Belgium, we could see that they already had some fans in the room ready to sing and mosh. Coldburn are such an energetic band that leaves you no choice but to start moving too. We were especially impressed by Johannes (Singer) and Jonas (Bassist) stage presence. Between two songs, the singer took some time to share his feeling about how precious life, family, friends and music are and advise everyone in the room to hold on to it. After their powerful short song D.T.E, they closed their set with Love Left Me leading to a last wave of angry moves. They’re simply a breath of fresh air (or hot sweat).

Following on stage is the metalcore band from San Fernando, Betrayal, who is no stranger to our lands either. They may have been a bit heavier than the rest of the lineup but they fitted perfectly between Coldburn and Your Demise, taking the intensity in the venue a step forward. With songs like Without A doubt and Low Expectations, the energy kept increasing during their set as we saw more and more people joining the center of the room to mosh and have fun. They ended the set on The Good Die Young, leaving the mic’ in the hands of the fans who will sing the lyrics while trying to protect themselves from all the pushes and moves around them. The band’s set was surprisingly short with only 5 songs played and left people hungry for more.

Around 10, it was finally time to welcome on stage, the farewell headliners of the night, Your Demise. The band got the crowd warmed up by their single Karma, and by the end of the song everyone was already wet. The room was full of stage dives, circle pits and moshes, no one would  rest and this was not a time to rest. We could feel that the crowd was entirely composed of the devoted fans. Fans that have given much appreciation to the said disappointed record ‘The Golden Age’ as songs like These Lights, The Golden Age and Forget About Me were acclaimed and sang with vivacity. Other titles like Burnt Tongues, Scared of The Light and Shine On are real anthems when you’re a Your Demise fan. The band seemed to be humbled and grateful of how the Belgian crowd was saying goodbye. When the time came for Miles Away, all the room was pushed to the front, everyone knew that the end was near and had to give everything they had left. As soon as frontman Ed announced The Kids we used to be everyone was already on stage, with people stage diving from above the amps. Nobody could ask for an encore because first, the heat won’t allow it and second, the ending was impossible to top. The key word for that show was sweat, which kind of reminded us of their Parisian show with Enter Shikari a few years ago.

To sum up, Your demise gave the opportunity to their Belgian fans to say goodbye, a bittersweet goodbye, with a powerful, and yet emotional show. We can only wish them a lot of luck in what they will initiate in the future.


I’m Yousra, in love with most of the things that earth has to offer, and isn’t music one of its most amazing wonders ? In that purpose, I try to always be on the look-out for every new band that will make my ears happy and my soul filled again.

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