Set Your Deathwish Right This Winter – On Set Things Right releasing new music

Our story with Set Things Right probably started around 2012 and it feels like forever.
As always, it involved travelling (in the dutch countryside) and these guys were a little DIY band from Diamond City, who were lucky enough to share the bill with a couple cool bands at the time and what not (no comment.)
With a third and new album set to be officially released on Feb 18th, it only seems fair for us to reflect on what’s so great about Set Things Right being around in 2017 and putting out new music.

 One of the first things that caught our attention since the beginning was that despite not being fundamentally perfect, Set Things Right have always written music that holds their trademark. Meaning here that they did find their identity at an early stage of their band’s history. It’s only been strengthening since then, through three full length albums, a lot of (life)changes, growth and maturity.
‘Deathwish’ is the aforementioned new album, which is the second that features “new” vocalist Roger, whose arrival in the band, a little over two years ago, was a defining moment in their career. Set Things Right still appear stronger than ever and show confidence and rigor, which is easily noticeable in the artistic choices they make.
If Set Things Right still follow the efficient formula they’re popular for (read catchy choruses, virulent riffs, well balanced heaviness and just enough breakdowns); a lot of improvement can be heard otherwise in the way they do explore new grounds, constantly digging into more experiments.  Add to this inventiveness, with a hint of self-mockery and the result is the appearance of surprising, yet well executed sounds, such as the Avenged Sevenfold-like intro in So Fragile, So Frail, or the singing in Alone taken to a new level. It all brings texture and depth to tracks that are already technically great. Set Things Right even reach a momentum with Alone (again), that suddenly becomes the essential track of the record, with the addition of elaborated and unexpected elements (no spoilers.)
Produced by Ace Zec, ‘Deathwish’ is enjoyably complex, but also the modern “metalcore” album you could be looking for, because it’s fun and energetic enough not to be boring as (too) many of its peers.

Set Things Right will be celebrating the release of ‘Deathwish’ imminently (this Saturday, February 18th) in their hometown of Antwerp, Belgium, which brings us to the second key feature about this band : their sense of community and  as well as a strong DIY ethic, keeping all the work within their “circle”, from artwork to events to documentation.
I remember being fairly impressed by the way they did handle things for the release of their sophomore album, ‘This Is Home’ (2014); completely DIY and brilliantly organized. While ferment and tension were palpable, the quintet took care of everything themselves (box office included, for instance), well surrounded and helped by their friends, families and close ones.
Somehow it turned out to be a biggish event in the city (suburbs) of Antwerp, where everyone rushed to  the venue early in the day to hang out, party, watch excellent bands from the area perform and of course celebrate Set Things Right.
This – at least to us – was certainly a major step forward, as well as a turning point in this band’s life and the strong community of fans / friends / listeners that’s been sticking with them since their early days, continuously growing. It only reminds us why we’re so into music (and more especially “this scene”) in the first place. It’s for moments like these, it’s for sensing how music makers and listeners can bond together around this same form of art, which both parts are fond of.
Set Things Right do work hard for sure; not for the artistic purpose only, but also for everything that revolves around the music, which is probably also what helped them earn class-A festival slots such as Groezrock and Graspop Metal Meeting. Even though there are tons of great bands in this world, it has to be said that all of them do not offer this same community feeling.
Set Things Right know how to create and maintain this unique and much needed vibe many others seem to forget.
  • ‘Deathwish’ is set to be released on February 18th (but you can actually listen to it NOW on Spotify.)
  • ‘Deathwish’ release show, with support from My Dog Is Radioactive, The Royal and Moments is happening the same day and all the details can be found here : ‘Deathwish’ official event


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