Show report : I The Breather + Guests – Paris, December 2014

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First band we saw today were the openers in The Sinner Side. Obviously debuting as a new band, the Parisians acted with good will and gave their best to succeed in this task. However it wasn’t enough to completely catch people’s attention, because there were still a few weaknesses that need to be readjusted, particularly the musical identity that needs to be more precisely worked out. With this being said, it’s refreshing to see that there are still local bands who try ta create something, in this scene that’s currently very crowded. As for The Sinner Side, if they keep on hard working the way they showed it on that night, things can potentially go quite well for them in the future.

Ever since we saw them for the first time, Paris based outfit Novelists has shown a lot of progress and certain tendency to widen its influences and evolve towards something more technical and progressive than the classic metalcore music they started with. And it’s sounding great! Novelists is a generous group of young men that we see on stage having fun, but mostly focussed on the music they make to their audience. The fans are definitely present even though Novelists suffered from some technical issues.  However, the fact that this show was the band’s first hometown show on a huge European tour probably added value to this performance for the band members, who were obviously trying to make it a perfect moment, for the fans but also for themselves.

 Next up are their fellows and label mates Shoot The Girl First, who appeared to us for the first time with a renewed line up, including a new frontman, Alex Sayti. The audience didn’t know anything about this new formation, as the new track he recorded with the band wasn’t released at this time yet. The american frontman started his performance apologizing for not speaking the french language, but judging by the smiles on people’s faces, hopefully no one was blaming him. If everything about this performance wasn’t perfect (yet), showed the best will in the world and we’re confident that after a few more shows, things will be completely smooth within the band. Some highlights of this performance were the moments where Sayti was joined on vocals by keyboardist Crystal for a few screamed lines, which had a strong effect on the audience. All in all, it seems like Shoot The Girl First succeeded in their challenge of convincing today’s audience, composed by a good number of old fans of theirs.

It’s finally time for headliners in I, The Breather to come on stage, for the first time in Paris and the anticipation is huge. In fact, if the atmosphere was quite good until then, it was nothing compared to the moment the americans came up on stage, when things really got off.  I, The Breather haven’t been around for long, but they do play a lot of shows. Having recently release a new album ‘Life Reaper’, through Sumerian Records this tour was the occasion for them to support its release in Europe for the first time. We didn’t know what to expect from them and while their metalcore, fuled by strong breaks has nothing extremely innovative, i has a great effect on the audience, because it is well performed. I, The Breather are a real enjoyable band to watch on stage, not only because the performers are good (and experienced), but also because all of the band members seem to be having a positive mindset. They are grateful to be with us tonight and it creates a pleasant atmosphere. Between several stagedives and a little moshpit, even frontman Shawn Spann tries to get closer to the crowd, saying that Paris was making him feel at home, before introducing Dear Devil. For him, tonight’s show is about being a family together, which was also illustrated by Novelists‘ singer Matt guest appearance during Swine. Overall, I, The Breather delivered a strong show the american way, making all of their numerous was who were filling the venue happy and satisfied.

This line up had the particularity of being 2/3rd french, which isn’t something really common on such international extensive tours, which is something that needs to happen more often. One thing for sure, good metal bands aren’t only american!


Special thanks to One Heartbeat Productions
for the opportunity. Photos can be found HERE and HERE

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