Show review : HEIGHTS / The Catharsis / Miles of Grace – Paris (28.09.2014)

Sunday, September 28th, 2014.

HEIGHTS (French farewell show) / The Catharsis / Miles of Grace

Heights tease (1 of 1)


It’s a bright day in Paris, France, where Heights were playing their last ever international show, before heading back to the UK for a final run. And it’s in a tiny little venue called Le Klub that this was happening.

The opener for the night was the local band Miles of Grace. Well received by a joyful audience and probably some familiar faces, the band hadn’t played a show in nearly a year, for many reasons including the fact that they’ve been working on new music for quite a while. Positive and happy to be here, we found their set interesting, but not transcending. Miles of Grace are obviously a skilled bunch and we would have liked them to push things further and do more exploring. Maybe once the new music is out?

Next up were The Catharsis and that’s where things really got off.
This band has been under our radar for quite a while now and we were definitely expecting great things from them. But it’s safe to say their performance exceeded our expectations. Filled with passion, The Catharsis appeared in a complete chaos, with a nearly possessed frontman. The only thing we could maybe complain about was the size of the stage that didn’t allow them to explode for good, because we know for fact how their performances look like when they have room to make big moves . This, however, didn’t take anything off their performance. The Catharsis didn’t hesitate to get close to their audience and played most of their successful songs such as Amour, O’Recluse, Spirit Lifter, the stunning Styx and a recent song, Natural Decline, in front of many surprised, sometimes amazed faces.

Moving to the main act tonight, which is Heights. Opening the game with Forget and frontman Alex Monty literally knocking over the people in the audience, Heights immediately set the tone : we were requested to wake up and move. Despite being way too short, the setlist consisted in a smart choice of emotion-filled songs, easy to sing along to, and that’s exactly what the absolute fans in presence did. From The Noble Lie to The Lost and Alone, without forgetting Stray Rats, Dead Ends and the new and slightly different, but also brilliant Strangers, each one of the songs played were cheered just as they deserved. Heights seemed happy to be in Paris on that night and gave their absolute best despite the tiredness massed over the past weeks.

It’s a shame to see Heights go, but it was a beautiful farewell (french) show and we are glad we’ve been part of it!


Photos available at the following links : HEIGHTS | THE CATHARSIS | MILES OF GRACE


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