Show Review : The 1975 – Paris (Feb 2014)

Paris, February 24th; It’s the second time The 1975 are in Paris in only a few months and the show is nearly sold out. With an unprecedented success, the band has been on tour for a very long time (and still is!) but it has taken nothing off their performance.

IMG_1801The supporting act, Jeremie Whistler was a nice discovery, with an interesting and relaxing sound. However, something lacked in terms of communication and we couldn’t feel the artist really connected with the audience, which made things sound linear and a bit drawing out. It is a shame because the music itself was pleasant. Jeremie Whistler seems to have conquered a few people in presence, though. Hopefully we’ll get another chance to see him perform in another context.

Since their last European tour,  The 1975 have released an extremely well received self titled album, that they have almost played in its entirety during the show, which isn’t something usual, yet it has certainly pleased all of their fans in presence.


Talking about the audience, it consisted in majority of young ladies in the front rows, but not only. We could also hear different languages spoken amongst the audience, which was quite refreshing and making us realize there were quite a few people willing to travel to see the band. Overall the ambiance was pleasant and joyful and again, the excitement amongst the people was remarkable.
Singer Matthew Healy has an impressive stage presence, yet he – paradoxically enough- doesn’t even seem to put a lot of effort into it. It looks like he’s just naturally imposing. If the rest of the band can appear like staying in the background,it didn’t look like they had less importance, on the contrary, each one of the band members on stage was perfectly fitting the space in order to achieve the aesthetic staging their are known for, with their neon frame (see album cover) as a main symbol. Most of all, every one of them seemed extremely committed to their music and passionate about they were doing, especially guitarist Adam Hann and drummer George Daniel.

Starting things with the two first tracks of the album, The 1975 chose a consistent and well-balanced setlist with many joyful moments (The City, Settle Down),


punctuated by slower tracks such as Menswear If the band wasn’t communicating much during the first 15 minutes, things progressively unwinded as Healy showed a little more proximity with his audience, discussing and thanking them for their presence and great response. He even dedicated the song Fallingforyou to one girl in the audience and didn’t forget to thank some others for the t-shirt they offered him (he was actually wearing it, showing his appreciation to their gift).
The show reached some high points in terms of excitement when the band played songs such as Chocolate, and fans’ favorite Girls, before ending in apotheosis with the much awaited Sex.

What we found truly delightful and beautiful about The 1975 was their ability to transpose their universe, and the whole atmosphere of their album both in terms of music and imagery to the stage, preserving this interest for aesthetic and the search of perfection, which created a rather unique experience from our perspective.


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