Show review : Abandoned by Bears + Guests – Paris (05.10.2014)

Sunday October 5th, 2014

Abandoned By Bears 15

Le Gibus Café was the place to be to round off this first week of October. Indeed, if you love pop-punk and you weren’t there, well you missed a great evening. One Heartbeat Productions hosted a pop-punk show with no less than five bands from France, Netherlands and Sweden.

Let’s start the evening with Penny Was Right, a French punk rock band that opened the night with style. Even if it was difficult at first to catch the public’s attention, the 5-piece warmed up the venue with their energetic music. Indeed the formation, led by a charismatic frontwoman – Dalia Al-Shahawi – played a consistent set to prepare the public for the night. Even if some technical difficulty appeared during their set, they remained fully professional and went on with a joke about it. The atmosphere became even more festive as the set progressed and Penny Was Right closed their performance announcing that they will come back on November 24th at Le Gibus Café (don’t miss it!)

The second band of the evening was We Fall As One. We could tell that several people in the audience were here for this local pop-punk/hardcore band. The group performed a new song Sad and Lonely which gives a great foretaste of what the French quintet has to give. The two vocalists make a good balance between the screamed and the clean parts and the band generally knows how to deal with an audience. Mixing new and old songs, their set was good and you truly can see that they do remain to the stage. You can catch them live on November 30th supporting pop-punk legends New Found Glory in Paris!

The evening continues and we’re already at our third band of the night: Dope Out. Originally The Call Back Academy was planned but they drop out and Dope Out took their place, kind of last minute, doing an awesome job whatsoever. This French heavy rock band managed to give us a great time, with a set of 6 songs, including the single Death Before but also The Fate and Revelation. Guitarist Crash County showcased his skills with a killer solo and it’s a grateful band that left the stage moments later.

And here comes The Lost Boys Club, fourth band on the bill. Hailing from Hilversum in the Netherlands, this pop-punk outfit was seemingly excited to play in Paris for the first time ever. The band performed songs from their EP ‘From Here on After’ and recently released full-lentgh ‘So Far So Good’. Between singing, playing the guitar and doing some stupid things behind Bart Eijk’s (guitarist/vocals) back, frontman Nick Brummer introduced his band in French which was a sweet surprise. The Lost Boys Club is one of those bands that can make you smile after a long day and it’s good to see the members having fun on stage. We could also witness the friendship between them and their new tourmates and headliners Abandoned By Bears, when they dedicated to them one of their songs.  The Lost Boys Club performed their hit So Far So Good along with songs such as Lights, White Sharks Ate My Girlfriend and also Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Marziban! No! Azkaban!, under some great lightenings that took the show to a new dimension. The dutch rounded off their set with When We Were Young and us, secretly hoping that they will come back soon!

Last but definitely not least,  the Swedes in Abandoned By Bears, who were clearly the band of the night. The audience went crazy as they entered the stage with their joyful pop-punk/easycore. Indeed for their first time in Paris, delivered a really great show to a quickly captivated audience, that was apparently looking forward to seeing them (we heard that some guy drove two hours just to see them). At this point, we can definitely see that Abandoned By Bears love performing and most of all, interacting with their public. Also, we didn’t have to wait too long before a moshpit formed in the room. The songs followed up and we didn’t see time flying by : it’s already the last song and the audience is claiming another one! Unfortunately the Swedes won’t be playing more but one thing for sure, this show was a success and we can’t wait for them to be back!


Words and photos : Alisson Nilsson

More photos : Penny Was Right | Dope Out | We Fall As One |
The Lost Boys Club| Abandoned By Bears 




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