Show review : Alesana + guests – Paris (August 2015)

Alesana – Paris, August 2015 © Christophe Soulas

Just like every year, this summer has been a bit quiet regarding shows, but finally, here we are, on August 31st, kicking it off in style.

And what better way to start this evening than three French bands ? Mind The Thorns get the difficult spot of getting the fight going. We’re no strangers to them and the first thing we notice is how much they’ve evolved since we first saw them, almost a year back. And we’re not only talking about their instrumental progression but also the way their singer, Séverine, has evolved in her way of singing that flows naturally. Their sound is more elaborate even though their songs aren’t the most original in town, but, after seeing how much they’ve grown, we’re not worried about their progress. They’ve also grown into a band that knows how to move on stage and how to wake a crowd up and kick off the evening in true hardcore fashion which is very pleasant. Ending their set wih Romain from Behind The Tales on their track Fake and a cover of Want To Want Me by Jason Derulo, they’re highly acclaimed by the crowd who came down early and we can only wish them all the best.

After a short pause, here we go again, and  Behind The Tales are now up on stage. Bringing  agressive hardcore that will surprise us right after Mind The Thorns‘s set, they’re bringing us a mature sound, and we definitely hear the hard work behind it. However, their songs also turn out to be a bit alike and it’s kind of a shame, but we definitely feel that with time they will define a more elaborate sound that be able to share something different. It’s also worth noting that they already have a quality stage presence. Definitely keep an eye on them, we’re pretty sure they’ll come out of their shell sometime soon.

I’t’s now time for a more melodic vibe with Tahoe. We’ve seen them evolve on stage throughout the past year and one thing we know about Tahoe is that they’re professional, not just in their sound but also in their live performance. They’re bringing an energy that’s communicative and we can even notice they’re more at ease on stage and have a great presencence even though their vocalist is falling short of the previous times, as much in the vocals as in the live performance. Even if the response from the people gathered around the stage was weaker than for the previous bands, we could see respect in the crowd and interest in people’s faces, indicating a rather good reception.

After three French bands, it’s time for the London based formation LoveLess to open the hostilities. They’re presentic us with beautiful melodic instumentals that are really interesting to listen to, however we’ ll regret the fact that the vocals don’t provide anything more to their sound. We still appreciate the band’s performance, though, and their energy is clearly communicative, and we’re curious to see ho they evolve in the years to come.

Finally, opening with Praeludium, Alesana are on stage, you know, Alesana, that one band you kept listening to when you were 15 and had a fringe so big it covered your eyes ? Yeah right, here they are, and the least we can say is that they don’t disappoint. Solidified by their career, their performance is already sharp, both sound or and performance wise, shirt ripping and ceiling climbing included. It’s crystal clear that Alesana are a live band, and they know how to entertain a crowd. Songs come one after the other, including a rendition of Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen, their latest single. The crowd doesn’t disappoint as they sing and scream in unison with the band, and wihtout a doubt, Alesana know their shit. With more than 10 years down the line, we definitely know why they’ve succeeded for so long and still manage to attract new fans after all this time.

It’s definitely been quite a night, whether it was by rediscovering bands or discovering new ones and we can definitely say without lying that it was a great one.


Words & Photos :
Emma Forni & Christophe Soulas



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