Show review : Beartooth / Dead Harts / Climates / Crown Cardinals – Paris – 14.09.14

Summer is not done yet, but concert season is finally back on and we couldn’t be any happier. Today, we have a rendez-vous at one of our favorites venues in Paris, Le Batofar, to catch some great bands perfoming. The highly acclaimed Beartooth brought along for this tour two english bands, Dead Harts and Climates, and for tonight’s show the frenchies of Crown Cardinals will be opening.

Crown Cardinals, had the difficult task of opening tonight’s show. We had the pleasure to watch a great performance, finely worked music, along with a beautiful performance. With lead vocalist Max’s charismatic presence and songs that had the originality of being diversified, we thought that the crowd would quickly get on fire, but the result wasn’t as great as expected. However, I like to think Crown Cardinals did a pretty great job as their stage presence was well orchestrated with the music, regardless of the technical issues they encountered. The band even invited Alaska‘s vocalist Kevin Royer to perform The Weight of Secrets, which seemingly pleased a lot of people. Crown Cardinals have certainly conquered many of the people in presence, with an overall good and successful set. We can’t wait to see them again !

The following band was Climates, who already played in Paris a few month ago. We couldn’t be more excited to see them again as their set was shorten last time! And, well, they didn’t disappoint at all. Indeed, what a great presence and a warm response from the parisian crowd that we got the chance to witness tonight! Climates‘ fans were definitely here and didn’t hesitate to invade the stage, mosh around and stage dive. The band played a consistent set, going from old songs such as Heavy Minds to new ones as the recent single, Leaves of Legacy. Switching between screams and singing, Climates delivered a clean performance with a great stage presence and the result showed in the pit!

And while outside this boat, the evening keeps growing old, the bands are succeeding each other on stage and it is now time for Dead Harts. A completely wild band from Sheffield, which made us think about their fellow mates While She Sleeps, delivered a raw and perfect performance. Playing the french capital for the first time, Dead Harts gave an unexpected “slap” to the crowd and managed to take the energy to a whole new level, taking everyone by surprise. The boat nearly sank, with the many circles pits, moshes and wall of deaths, creating an absolute mess that we adore to watch. On stage, it is a similar spectacle going on, with every musician going wild and the lead singer going back and forth from the stage to the pit. From the melodic intros to the heavy riffs, the band mastered its set and left us yearning for the time they’ll be back in our shores.

The clock is ticking and some delay occurs, but everyone is still patiently waiting for Beartooth to get involved. Led by the charismatic Caleb Shomo, the band managed to make a name for itself really quickly and it shows in this packed boat tonight. With only one record out, ‘Disgusting’, released last June, and one EP, the band has played nonetheless a ten song setlist and showed the crowd what they’re all about. People were definitely involved, singing their hearts out, stage diving and moshing. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, including the 5 band members on stage. After a few songs, the band invited Chunk! No Captain Chunk‘s guitarist Paul Wilson to the stage, replacing Kamron Bradbury, while he jumped into the crowd . We especially liked Dead Harts vocalist, Matthew Baxendale’s appearance on stage (followed by a stage dive) during Relapsing. After leaving the stage, the band will be asked back for an encore and they will end their set with Pick Your Poison causing a last wave of anarchy and mess in the boat.


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