Show Review : Betraying The Martyrs – Paris (February 2015)

It’s a varied and multicultural line up that we’re having in Paris tonight: Betraying The Martyrs are headlining, with Upon This Dawning, Polar and More Than A Thousand as supporting acts.
The Italians had the difficult task of opening the evening for a half empty venue but they delivered a decent performance of what could anyone expect from them. Having recently released a new album ‘We Are All Sinners’, it was obvious that Upon this Dawning are now a confirmed touring band, completely used to the stage.
Speaking of touring, Polar. are one of those bands that seems never tired of the road. They belong to the stage and you can feel it right as they start playing, with their skull-cracking noise and full involvement in the performance. Their heavier tracks followed up as a whirlwind. Although it wasn’t enough yet to draw a wide amount of people, the atmosphere started heating up thanks to a frontman who doesn’t give up. Polar. roughly played 30 minutes before leaving the stage to a slightly different band.
More Than A Thousand are on quite a different spectrum musically speaking. If most of their songs are actually sung and leaning towards softer shades of alternative rock, these portuguese showcase a much heavier side once on stage, which makes them fit completely with such line ups and set the crowds on fire.

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However, it’s really when it was time for Betraying To Martyrs to perform that the venue packed and things really got off. The stage experience the band has earned over the years is quite visible, as it hit us that their performance improved a lot. The french are real performers and know how to own a stage, with a lot of charisma. Facing a wild and hyper crowd and many familiar faces, Betraying The Martyrs are all smiles and give all they have on stage. Aaron Matt’s deep screams are pretty well tempered by Victor Guillet’s soothing singing on the once hand and Lucas d’Angelo’s backing vocals on the other hand. They’re having fun and they’re happy to headline their first “hometown” show since the release of ‘Phantoms’, their most recent album. But most of all, their audience  is happy to comply; someone will even share a couple of shots with frontman Aaron. The only thing that didn’t work was the band’s request for a circle pit, but that’s something Paris’ crowds don’t always know how to do apparently. Or it’s just not their thing. However, songs follow up until the party reaches its first peak with cover song Let It Go, that ends in apotheosis with Mark Mirnov’s brilliant drum solo that will even turn into a sonorous musical dialogue with the crowd. Everyone is sweating in a fantastic vibe.
What’s Left For You and Liberate Me Ex Infers follow, before Betraying The Martyrs disappear for a few minutes and appear again for an encore, to public acclaim. Final song Legends Never Die is dedicated to the late Mitch Lucker, who was a friend of theirs.

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