Show Review : Broadview album release show – Winnipeg (June 2015)

Broadview, June 2015 - Photo : Kaylee Smoke //
Broadview, June 2015 – Photo : Kaylee Smoke //

Last Saturday in the heart of Winnipeg’s french community, local band Broadview released their debut album titled ‘Wide Awake’ at Le Cercle Moliére.

Beginning the night was young Franky Courcelles, AKA Alone I Walk. Courcelles also released his own album the day before, titled ‘Lost At Sea’, a mix of acoustic and full-band tracks. Watching Alone I Walk perform, just Franky and his guitar on stage, brought back plenty of memories. It’s difficult to place a finger on who or what exactly he would remind you of, but anyone in their mid to early twenties could find a familiar, youthful comfort in his music.

On the topic of youthful nostalgia, pop-punk band A Year Without were set to follow on the bill. As someone that has been going to small, local gigs since my “tween” years, this particular set heavily reminded me of those years that I fell in love with live music. A Year Without had only a handful of performances before the album release, which shows in their live performance. Though there was a feel of uncertainty, they show great potential and are a band to watch for.

Next up were a band that I had only seen once before back in January 2015, Suitcase Shoes from small town Steinbach, Manitoba. Their indie-pop-folk music will hook you in and hold you to your spot on the floor if not influence you to move around, and their sing-along-with-a-couple-of-pints song will have you and your friends raising your glasses. They had us hooked since the first song we saw them perform in January.

After the crowd had their voices warmed up and any stragglers came inside, Broadview took to the stage. Friends, family, and other supporters filled the room, as did their cheering and applause. After months of recording and mastering their new album ‘Wide Awake’, they were finally performing them live, accompanied by an impressive lights set-up, which pleased all photographers and videographers working. The vibe in the room was typical of a Manitoban gig in central Canada, very supportive, friendly, much like a family. One could tell that Broadview were very proud of the songs they had worked so hard on, and presented it to everyone as so. The songs were fun, honest, and the band has every right to be proud of what they’ve created and put into the world.

Sing alongs, witty banter, and goofy poses for the cameras are expected at most gigs around Winnipeg, and Broadview held up on their end. It was a successful and fun Saturday night at the album release!

Words : Kaylee Smoke

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