Show review : Circa Survive + From Indian Lakes + Merge + Tahoe – Paris, June 2015

Circa Survive - Paris, June 2015 © Emma Forni //
Circa Survive – Paris, June 2015 © Emma Forni //

No matter how bad we wanted to stay outside and chill in the sun, parisians in Tahoe brought us to the dark “Backstage”, the room in the back of Pigalle’s infamous O’Sullivans pub.
There are not many of us (yet), and despite the raw tension, Tahoe make their way to the stage with good attitude and confidence. Having released their debut EP ‘Wonders’ earlier this year, Tahoe don’t have much in their repertory which is why the whole of it is performed – shall we say – brilliantly. In fact, it is  quite hard to believe that these guys are only two years active, let alone that they have only played a handful of shows so far. But judging by the accuracy of the performance, there is no wonder why they quickly earned such a slot, opening for Circa Survive and it is truly well deserved. To those of you who skipped the opening band, your loss, because you missed out big time!

Merge don’t need anymore introduction here and truth is, we were quite looking forward to seeing them again on stage because it had been a while! Currently silent and working on new material, Merge have time to stock up on energy (as if they didn’t have enough of it already) and always give more than their best on stage, especially for an event like today’s show, which consists for them in supporting one of their biggest influences (not to say idols.) If their faces appear tensed at first glance, it all fades out as the first notes kick in and that’s when we see the power of music. Among the songs performed, the usual Wolf Dagger and one of our favorite and oldest tracks of theirs, Ecclesiast. Of course, recent single Sacré Coeur, which brings a new dimension to the band sounding slightly different also made an appearance. In the middle of all of this, it’s a committed band that we see on stage, led by an overly energetic frontman who spends as much time off stage, shouting lyrics to people all over the room as on stage. Once again Merge blew our minds and we only wish there were more people involved in the audience.

Moments later, the Americans in From Indian Lakes graced us with their bewitching sounds, calmly drifting from one song to another. The performance is as delicate as powerful, and peculiarly enhanced by singer Joey Vanucchi’s voice, with tracks such as Stay Outside and Ghost. The room is now slowly filling in, but we can notice fans among the audience members, as the atmosphere is slowly heating. The parisian crowd, which isn’t known for being the sweetest, however gave From Indian Lakes a warm welcome. Contrasting with their predecessors, the band provide us with beautifully soothing music, therefore dazzling many of us. We are easily won over, just as many others on that evening.

So Paris has been awaiting for this for nearly 6 years, it is therefore not a surprise to see a packed crowd firmly  waiting for the precious moment Circa Survive would finally hit the stage. They quickly call their shot; led by the touchingly freaky Anthony Green and his multiple facets. Nevertheless, we’re facing a skilled and compelling formation, whose reputation is already well established.
With 5 albums under their belts, Circa Survive could access a broad range of songs to play, and we will enjoy tracks from various periods of the band’s career. The set list is consistent and balanced and here’s one for everyone’s taste, from Child of the Desert to Strange Terrain, Glass Arrow, The Greatest Lie or The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose. The crowd is clearly going crazier as the set unfolds, facing Green’s – sometimes disturbing – face-pulling. The latter connects particularly well with the crowd and it almost seems like he performs wizardy that leaves the audience in raptures. Circa Survive is fun to watch as the charismatic singer cracks the occasional joke; you would be happy to learn that the americans didn’t get to shower for a couple of days and are therefore “pouring their smell” on the crowd.  Maybe this also has something to do with the fact that this is the very last show of tour for the band; they are therefore tired and letting themselves go a little more. Now everything in their performance is sharp and intense. Joey of From Indian Lakes even joins during the second to last song, Nesting Dolls, to play percussion and sing a few lyrics. Wise choice, as this one is especially close to his own band’s universe.

All in all, Circa Survive deliver a stellar performance, matching and exceeding everyone’s expectations. The last song they play is Get Out, whose dynamics rounded off perfectly one wonderful summer evening. Such quality line ups and performances are rare nowadays, but this one was one of them, so we would like to applaud everyone involved, especially the performers. All of them.

Photos : Emma Forni |
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