Show Review : Deez Nuts / Obey The Brave / Stray From The Path / Relentless – Paris (23.11.2013)

While hardcore isn’t necessarily always my cup of tea, I still do enjoy various bands from the genre such as Deez Nuts. However, what brought me into this interesting evening was probably the variety of the line up, with neither of the bands resembling one to another. Unfortunately, one of the bands I was really looking forward to seeing on that day had to cancel their show a few hours before, due to illness.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 04.28.53First up on stage (early) on that Saturday 23rd of November were the Australians of Relentless.
They were probably a discovery to most of the people in the room. It was nothing transcendent, but still, people easily got quite curious and excited about them. They indeed have a genuine stage presence, especially from their frontman Trent and also great vibrations within the band. Furthermore, the guys were seemingly happy and blessed to be part of such an event. Another good band from the australian hardcore scene that we’ll keep an eye on!

Stray From The Path are probably one of the most exciting hardcore bands of the year if you ask me and it was a pleasure to see them back in full force with a brand new release to defend. If you still haven’t listened to ‘Anonymous’, it’s high time you did because that record is genius and the band proved it on stage with songs such as Radio and Bring It Back To The Streets. The crowd is on fire and people already jump on the tiny stage to try a stage dive, including tour mates from Relentless. Trent even grabs the mic to sing a few lyrics. Stray From The Path smashed it to say the least.

After a deserved pause for everyone in the room in order to get a refreshment, the whole crowd was packed again, ready to sweat. Obey The Brave are probably one of the most energetic bands around if you see them on stage and Alex, their vocalist is one of the most charismatic front mans we know. Even though their music isn’t a huge innovation in their genre, the canadians always deliver a strong performance (the experience of many years in the job showing, for those skilled performers). Getting things started with Lifestyle, Obey The Brave made everyone do a circle with their hands to follow up with their new single, which is a success both on record and live. Of course let’s not forget the inescapable Garde la tête froide. Yes, we intend to forget they’re french-canadians, but they didn’t fail at reminding us by only speaking french between the songs. Tabarnacle!).

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 04.28.05It’s a pleasure to finally have Deez Nuts properly headlining on our lands and to close up a perfect hardcore night. It’s quite early and people in the crowd are more excited than ever.  The band enters the stage with Shot After Shot in total Deez Nuts‘ style with their peculiar stagecraft, especially with JJ Peters’ gestures. People are crazy already and we’re quite looking forward to seeing new songs, from the Aussies’ latest record ”Bout It’, live. It’s rare to see in Paris such a participative crowd to be honest and it was a pleasure to witness. Even at some point, that one lovely girl stage dived and got to sing the rap part of Streets Are Watching, confounding everyone in the room, including the band members. JJ is also quite charismatic and imposing, but also sweet and all smiles, which generates a nice atmosphere in the venue. It completes nicely the brotherhood we could witness between the bands on this tour. Of course, everyone is keen for the usual Tonight We’re Gonna Party (…), Stay True, Hustle … . People call back the band for an encore by singing the lyrics to the newly anthemic Band of Brothers, which makes everyone smile.
Overall a great real hardcore night of which we’re not quite used to here in Europe, but we genuinely think there should be more of these.

Many thanks to the good people at HiBooking
for putting up such a cool event and allowing us
to be part of it!

Photos available HERE

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