Show review : Enter Shikari + Hacktivist – Brussels (09.01.15)

2015 has just begun and on this cold mid-winter night, we have a special “rendez-vous” at a sold out Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. Enter Shikari has summoned us for its very first date of The Mindsweep european tour Pt. 1. 

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Enter Shikari – Brussels (Feb 2015) // © Mariam B.-


It’s 8pm when the opener enters the stage. A curious configuration to those who weren’t familiar with this band, because in fact, the quintet Hacktivist has the particularity to be fronted by two vocalists, whose looks aren’t necessarily what you can expect on that type of evening. At least they caught people’s attention, who quickly understood that they were definitely not going to deal with some generic music. In fact, from the very first notes of the introduction Rage, immediately followed by False Idols, Hacktivist are setting the tone. There are some heavy and complex elements of djent, completed by Timfy James’ (guitar) singing. However Ben Marvin and J Hurley’s involvement, with some hip hop singing, takes it into something more hybrid, closer to an urban sound. “The voice of a generation, lost in discrimination…”, say the lyrics. In addition to being quite complex musically, we can immediately realize that the Milton Keynes guys have a strong lyrical content and are not afraid to fire an opinion. This is going to be confirmed later, for instance, when the band will play one of their most successful tracks Elevate (‘This world’s gone insane/What happened to the right side of the brain?’). In between all of this, Hacktivist played their most recent single Deceive and Defy and their successful cover song for Niggas In Paris. Despite a lot of buzzing around their band this past couple of years, the five piece remains humble and did an excellent job as a main support for Enter Shikari. If the room wasn’t completely filled yet, they seemed to have won over the early comers in Brussels’ AB that night.

After a break, the lights dimmed again and finally the band we were all waiting for got on stage under a round of applause and cheers. Now that the ‘Flash Flood of Colour’ era is over, the only way to go was to open the ceremony with their self titled track Enter Shikari and frontman Rou Reynolds immediately throwing himself into the crowd. A crowd that’s already chanting ‘And still we will be here, standing like statues’ at the top of their lungs. A complete and utter mess immediately follows and at this point, the venue is fully packed.  With their new record ‘The Mindsweep’ about to get released, the band performed for the first time in the continent many new songs such as The Last Garrison, Never Let Go Of The Microscope, and the real energetic extremely efficient live; Slipshod. Revisited classics Destabilise, Mothership, Ghandi Mate, Ghandi and Juggernauts set the crowd on fire for good, although many of the people in presence deplored the absence of the likes of Sorry You’re Not A Winner or the divine Quelle Surprise (well, you can’t have it all, can you?)
The band is on top form for this very first show of The Mindsweep european tour, redefining their craziness more than ever. Nothing has been left out, not even the stunning light show. In fact, it is not a slight thing to say, as Enter Shikari have been around for years now and since their early beginnings with the record ‘Take To The Skies’, the band has immediately caught many people’s attention with their madness and their unique sound. But what we love about this band (and obviously not just us) is that they keep pushing things further and further, relentlessly reinventing themselves – not just to please the fans but – completing their duty as artists and performers. They’ve proven it once again with ‘The Mindsweep’.

Remaining faithful to themselves, Enter Shikari, made everyone dance, jump, mosh, sweat and sweat even more and we loved it! No need to go to the gym, just go see Enter Shikari, because nothing beats it.


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