Show Review : Enter Shikari – Paris (2.02.15)

Enter Shikari - Paris (Feb 2015) / © Christophe Soulas
Enter Shikari – Paris (Feb 2015) / © Christophe Soulas

February 2nd, Paris is hosting the kick off of The Mindsweep European tour Pt. 2, a few days after the highly awaited album ‘The Mindsweep’ was finally unveiled. After getting a foretaste of what was yet to come a month earlier in Brussels, we were eager to discover what new surprises Enter Shikari had incorporated to their set.
First of all, the stage configuration and the crazy lightenings left us with the impression that the St-Albans quartet didn’t skimp on resources. They’re currently taking their shows to the next level, adding to their performances more visual sight, with some kind of an imagery that fits with their current essence.

What was on the menu then? New songs. Many of them. Obviously it’s the very first tour cycle for ‘The Mindsweep’, so that’s kind of what we were expecting, but we also know that some die hard fans were disappointed not to hear the likes of Quelle Surprise and Sorry You’re Not A Winner. However, these are old songs that the band was probably tired of playing anyway and change isn’t bad after all! Did Enter Shikari forget all of their oldies? Not at all. We loved the damage perpetrated by Juggernauts or Gandhi, Mate Gandhi earlier, especially as it kicked off with frontman Rou Reynolds singing in the crowd. The Destabilise / Radiate combination immediately following the rather calm intro The Appeal and The Mindsweep I also had an incredible effect of the crowd that nearly exploded at this point. That’s when Enter Shikari decided to insert a sequence of newbies; The Last Garrison, Myopia and even debut the excellent Torn Apart, that has been warmly welcomed by an extremely receptive crowd. Mothership and Anesthetist increased the heat; the party was at its peak. If many faces, especially in the front rows appeared quite young, we noticed that the people forming the audience were from different horizons and generations and that’s one of the things we love about Enter Shikari : the fact that this band reunites so many different people for the sake of music.

If most of the show didn’t leave much time to rest and wipe off our sweat, the band didn’t forget to offer some more tempered times with an interlude and tracks such as Stalemate. One of the highlights was also the live debut of Dear Future Historians that welcomed an old wooden piano on stage. Rou confessed that he was nervous and couldn’t guarantee he’d play the song perfectly, but he’s been at least cheered on by a few hundred people and his bandmates, so it went all smooth and beautiful. Luckily Slipshod followed and allowed the frontman to get rid of the pressure, whereas the whole audience was shaking the floor (literally), losing their minds a few more minutes. Sssnakepit wrapped up the night in style approximately 75 minutes of madness, although most of us were craving for more. Enter Shikari didn’t forget to sincerely thank everyone for coming down to the show before leaving for good.

All in all, what we will remember of that evening is that Enter Shikari shows need to be perceived, not only as a performance but as a whole experience.


Special thanks to Claire & Elise @ [PIAS] France
& Christophe Soulas for sharing with us a few pictures

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