Show review : Falling In Reverse – Paris (February 2015)

Falling in Reverse © Alisson Nilsson
Falling in Reverse © Alisson Nilsson

With a third album “Just Like You” out on Monday, Falling In Reverse headed over to Europe for a bunch of shows and we got the chance to catch the band on the opening night of their European Tour in Paris. That show at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge was absolutely sold out and the fans excitement that night was beyond overwhelming.
Indeed, apart from a few festivals last summer such as Rock Am Ring or Groezrock, the band had never done a proper tour over here and as we walked into a packed venue filled with hardcore Falling In Reverse fans ready to make the night one for the books and set the place on fire, we knew that gig would be eventful.

The band opened the set with their latest single God If You Are Above off their new album and the atmosphere was already crazy as of that moment with a screaming crowd, singing back all the words. They followed with Sink or Swim and Goodbye Graceful off their first album and singer Ronnie Radke had the crowd sing along, mosh and react to all of his moves.  What hit us most was not only Ronnie’s way of playing with the crowd but also his very particular way of performing not only screaming but also rapping at times and losing his mind onstage to a complete satisfied crowd. The whole venue was reacting instantly, the band was in complete osmosis with its crowd and we could tell how happy everyone was to simply be there.

From Rolling Stone to the end of the set, the fans lost their minds even more, screamed even louder and it never went downhill from that moment. The atmosphere kept getting crazier after each song following: Bad Girls Club, Good Girls Bad Guys, Raised By Wolves and the night hit its highlight when I’m Not A Vampire and Alone came on. Everybody onstage went nuts, so did the crowd and they took us by surprise with that ‘cover’ of Escape The Fate‘s Situations having the old fans on their knees, screaming at the top of their lungs. It was absolutely sick and I can’t even describe what state this end of set actually put us all in. The band then ended on The Drug In Me and everyone was singing along, giving the last bit of energy they had left for this one. People left with a big smile on their face, happy to finally have seen the band live and heard mostly songs off the album that probably got them into Falling In Reverse but also newest tracks off ‘Fashionably Late’.

It was definitely one of those alternative gigs where everyone sings along from the start and you can’t rest for a second. It really caught us by surprise as Paris has sometimes got us used to different crowds but it felt incredibly good. The setlist was also a pretty good mix of old and new songs, a bit surprising for a band that has a new album due a few weeks later, but very nice to reward the fans that supported them from the beginning.
Paris fans really managed to make this tour kick off in a pretty sweet way and probably set the tone for the rest of the tour. So to simply describe the atmosphere that night, I’ll simply say this: ‘God bless all of you now ‘cause I’m going straight to Hell. And I’m taking you down with me’. All ingredients were indeed there for a great night and we’ll definitely be in for another treat next time around!

Words : Roxy S. 
Photos : Alisson Nilsson

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