Show Review : Focus on Napoleon (supporting The Amity Affliction) – Paris, Nov 2014


Originally formed in december 2010 in Exeter (UK), Napoleon released their first EP « Cinderella » in 2011. After several line up changes (especially with a new bassist and a new singer), they released another EP in 2012 called « What We See ». Then, they finally toured with popular bands like Being As An Ocean and The Devil Wears Prada, which helped them conquer more people.

Let’s get back to their last show in Paris at La Boule Noire, the 26th of November  : they were supporting The Amity Affliction during their European tour, « Let The Ocean Take Me Tour », alongside Heart In Hand and The Plot In You.
Napoleon’s show was the first of the evening and lasted approximately half an hour. Even if the venue filled up slowly, the atmosphere was quite good and the band seemed to enjoy playing their set. The frontman Alex didn’t hesitate to share his good mood with the public : he didn’t stop skipping on stage while he was cheerfully singing all of his lyrics. Plus, we could feel that everybody in this band was involved : the drummer with his cool t-shirt “I Hate Everyone” seemed happy to do his job, the guitarist and the bassist were concentrated and did their utmost to successfully perform their playing and the joyful vocalist created the link between his band and its public. We started to feel more and more the presence of Napoleon’s fans when they played Liars and Sellers then Brought Here To Suffer, which perfectly ended their show.
Full of energy and unceasingly communicating with the public, Napoleon gave a perfect performance which everybody enjoyed : there were no important mistakes in the instrumental part (maybe the guitarist and the bassist were a bit more introverted than the others, but the complexity of their playing widely excused them) and there’s no comment to do about the singer, who was doing his job like a king. At this point we can see that Napoleon is a promising band, full of talent and originality. The time they’ll spend on stage will bear out these abilities.

If you are still not enough convinced to go listen to Napoleon, here are the main reasons explaining why you will like this band :
First of all, they have their own type of music. They don’t try to do again the same melo-hardcore we can find anywhere else, they just try (and succeed) in creating music of their own, mixing djent, hardcore with sometimes even a bit of punk influences. If you are fond of discovering new music and bands full of promise, don’t think twice and go listen to them!
Napoleon are completely at ease with their style, and even if they are becoming more and more popular in this scene, they still are very accessible and talkative when it’s about to meet them.
Furthermore, they are this kind of band that stay at their merch table at the end of their shows, chatting and waiting for the fans to come up and talk about almost everything with them. They are really nice and open-minded people, and the fact that they are really active on their social networks made them even more close to us.
This permanent communication has been creating a link between them and their fans since the beginning, and I believe it’s one of the driving forces of their increasing popularity.

So go get quickly your diary and write down that they will release a new album at the beginning of 2015, before their coming European tour !

Words : Enaelle H.
Photo : Johan Boutin for PLUG-IN,
Lyon (FR) // June 2014


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