Show review : Heart In Hand / Mechelen (BE) – 07.09.2014

September 7, 2014

Heart In Hand – Kamikaze Club, Mechelen (BE)
With support from Viva Revival, Essence, Dead End Sin



With the summer, also known as festival season slowly rounding off, this month of September was obviously something we were quite looking for, ‘gig-wise’, as it marks the opening of the concert season. Heart in Hand’s show in Mechelen (BE) was precisely marking for us  our return to those fairly missed evenings of great music. Not that festivals weren’t satisfying, but the intimacy of smaller gigs is something you quickly end up missing.

So that was it, first weekend of September and Heart In Hand are playing a show in Belgium, alongside a few local bands for everyone to enjoy. While things were starting early and each one of us was coming from a different part of the country (alright, it’s a small one), we got at Kamikaze Club late and Viva Revival had already finished their set, which is a bummer, because we saw them a little while ago in Leuven and it was pretty cool, so obviously, we were curious to see how things evolved for them during the past year.

At this point, Essence were playing already. Not new to this scene, the five-piece delivers a powerful, raw metalcore that has nothing to envy to their international colleagues. Things have clearly evolved for them as the band looks and sounds stronger than ever before, which is a good news because they are currently working on new music! The only thing we could complain about, really was the reception they got on that evening. Not that it was bad, but most of the people inside the venue didn’t seem very cheerful.

Even though things got better for the next band Dead End Sin;  the audience was bigger and showed more motivation, for instance, it was still lacking of something. And it is a shame that they couldn’t get the crowd going because they really tried. Slightly different form their predecessors, the band plays a clever hardcore/punk, that will please those who are looking for more “balls” in music. Buzzing with energy, Dead End Sin show that they are happy to be here and are definitely one more proof that belgium IS talented.

8:45 it’s (already) time for the main reason we’re all here to show up and that’s where everything escalated in no time!
Heart In Hand are a melodic hardcore band based in the south of the UK. As we often state here, this is one band that has an interesting relationship with Belgium, as they are always more than warmly welcome here and people easily get crazy at their shows (which isn’t -believe me- the case everywhere else in Europe). So yes, you can always expect an amazing time when it comes to seeing Heart In Hand performing in Belgium.
The band played a good show of their intense melodic hardcore that only gets better as the time goes by. Bringing a lot of energy to the stage, the whole band and particularly frontman Charlie Holmes, know how to get their people involved. You could see that 95% of the people were here to watch them because the atmosphere was totally different. It wasn’t a big venue and the place was easily packed, hot and sweaty, with passionate fans who were moshing around, stage diving and singing along to all the lyrics, like their life depended on it. Heart In Hand even played an encore!

All in all this was an enjoyable Sunday evening, filled with music and a very chilled atmosphere, just as we need it!

Thank you lovely people at Kamikaze Club & RMP!


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