Show review : Hundredth // Landscapes + Silent Planet – Antwerp (BE), April 2017

Hundredth – Antwerp, April 2017 © Mariam B. //

It’s not everyday that we get to go see such an exciting melodic/hardcore line up in our area, let alone on a beautiful Saturday. Yet, Hundredth were headlining in Antwerp, with the brilliant guests that are Landscapes and Silent Planet and we couldn’t miss that.

Silent Planet – Antwerp, April 2017 © Mariam B. //

Opening the evening today are the californians in Silent Planet. A band we’ve heard only good things about over the past year. Their album ‘Everything Was Sound’ being a successful release, we were obviously thrilled and curious to see what it was all about.
It appears that Silent Planet‘s universe goes beyond than just the music.  In fact, they tackle important matters, with mental illness as a central topic on the aforementioned record. But where they stand out from many others is that these guys are very aware of what’s surrounding their subject and also quite informed on the matter, which comes as no surprise, since their vocalist works as a therapist and also had to face these issues closely. Garrett Russell is also a brilliant lyricist, since his songs are quite eloquent and complex and include several historical and literary references. There’s no wonder why all of this seems to resonate well with the audience as Silent Planet‘s performance unfolds. The frontman is bare foot and seems to be living his words, showing us an honest, raw performance that is quite touching to watch.

Landscapes – Antwerp, April 2017 © Mariam B. //

Landscapes is a band that we don’t need to introduce anymore. They do tour a lot over here and it’s always a pleasure to have them in our shores. If one thing, Shaun Milton’s vocals keep impressing and seemingly improving over time since each time we see them (which is several a year.) Their sound is so vibrant, it transcribes more and more accurately the band’s powerful and tortured vibe. You can never get enough of Landscapes, so the only downside for us is that their set is too short, although it includes the best tracks of their repertory, finishing off with Escapist (taken from their sophomore album ‘Modern Earth’.) If things seem to be eventful in their camp lately, Landscapes are certainly gearing up to work on new material, which is a good news for our thirsty ears.

Hundredth – Antwerp, April 2017 © Mariam B. //

Hundredth hadn’t played Belgium in what feels like ages. Luckily, some cool people managed to squeeze in this exclusive Benelux date for this tour, that is happening just ahead of Hundredth‘s release of a new record (more precisely LP4, yet to be announced). They’ve been in fact teasing a couple new tracks as well as a whole new imagery in the past few months, suggesting of course a new album cycle. As per usual, their performance was short, but intense and effective. Having a solid bond with their listeners, which comes alive on stage, Hundredth had posted online their setlist for the said tour before heading out. This could probably be seen as a way to send off the preceding cycle properly; everyone needed to be prepared. Aside from the obvious Free Mind / Open Spirit, Unravel and Remain & Sustain, recent track Dead Weight made an appearance and collected a revealing response from the crowd. That being said, with a record about to drop this year, we’re expecting a more furnished set the next time they come back. Because yes, we’re also expecting Hundredth to come back sooner rather than later!


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Hundredth x Landscapes x Silent Planet

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