Show review : John Coffey & The Minutes – Ancienne Belgique – 26.02.15

John Coffey @ Pandafest 2014 ©

A few weeks back, we had a special rendez-vous at the Ancienne Belgique as John Coffey summoned us for the release show of their latest release ‘The Great News’.

First up were The Minutes that had the crucial task to warm up the people already present in the room. We could easily see why this band has been paired with John Coffey; they had the energy, the power and some of that madness we love watching. The Minutes played a smooth rock’n’roll mixing many different influences, filling the atmosphere with a dirty electrifying sound. An impressive work coming from only three musicians. We’ll also add a special mention to the lead singer’s dance moves.
Even though the audience wasn’t familiar with the band, The Minutes managed to draw people in and keep everyone’s attention focused on them during their half an hour set.

By the time the dutch got on stage, the room was unexpectedly packed. The front rows quickly welcomed the most devoted fans, who started singing the popular ‘Miles ’till the end of the road we walk’ as a calling to the band. Devoted is probably the least we can say to describe those who apparently flew from the south of France specifically for this event. The appearance of John Coffey turned the evening into chaos, with the band, as well as the fans demonstrating how this night should be all about losing grip and disconnecting from our daily routine. The venue got overwhelmed with the amount of testosterone spread by this overly masculine public, all of this mixed with some beers and the restlessly raging music. Clearly, it made everyone fire up.
Wall-of-deaths followed up, moshpits kept growing and filling up with passionate fans while countless stage-dives put smiles on the band members’ faces. Having just released their new record ‘The Great News’ in Belgium that day, John Coffey granted the fans with a selection of new songs : Broke neck, Heart of a Traitor or Echo. Let’s not forget that the dutch are probably some of the most hard working and dedicated musicians we know, and this new record is a major proof of it.
After leaving the stage for a few minutes, the band got called back for an encore by the enthusiastic audience singing Romans’ lyrics, which they immediately played before rounding off with Eagles Chasing Flies.

To sum, this show utterly exceeded all of our expectations and everyone left the room still buzzing from the madness. Well done, John Coffey, well done!

I’m Yousra, in love with most of the things that earth has to offer, and isn’t music one of its most amazing wonders ? In that purpose, I try to always be on the look-out for every new band that will make my ears happy and my soul filled again.

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