Show review : Kill it Kid – Paris (30.10.2014)


Paris – October 30.

Kill it Kid (13 of 40)

It’s in an unusual Parisian venue that our musical evening is happening today. Indeed, les Etoiles has just reopened and Kill It Kid have the honor to break in tonight.

It’s not easy to describe Kill It Kid‘s music, except that it has something transcending and powerful at the same time, in the way both singers’ voices fit each other closely. The sets kicks off carefully with the song High Class, allowing us to slowly realize that we are about to witness some quality music. What we don’t know right at this moment is that it will blow our minds. The expected signature vintage sound, where stoner rock’n’roll touches meet bluesy rhythms is here, but it builds up as the songs follow up, showcasing all the musical skills the band seems to be timidly hiding at first, before finally exploding as trust establishes. In fact, it goes off the charts when singer Chris Turpin lays down on the floor to torture his guitar, creating something electrifying and powerful.
Presenting their latest album ‘You Owe Nothing’, the quartet didn’t forget about their old classics whatsoever and the audience warmly greeted the likes of Pray On Me and Wild and Wasted Waters. As for the new songs, they come into full play during the live performance, with a very special mention to Blood, Stop and Run, which holds the Kill It Kid trademark. You know, these fickle upbeat bass lines and crazy chord progressions that make you feel instantly taken into another century, somewhere along the Mississippi. Just as Black It Out, it comes like an old American movie; something which is hard to believe when you look at these young people’s faces.

In sum, whether you’re a fan or not of that type of bluesy-indie-music, you will have to acknowledge that:
1) Chris Turpin and Stephanie Ward’s vocals are flawless;
2) This band is ridiculously skilled in all the aspects and out of this world!

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