Show review : Kodaline & The Mispers – Trix, antwerp (BE) – 06.13.15

10686721_885170981527546_7485017935276844100_nIt’s friday night which means it’s finally time to let lose of the week’s steam and what better way to do it than spending the night with one of the current most talented irish bands, Kodaline.


It is over 8pm, and here is the opening band, The Mispers, coming up on stage. We immediately got caught by their massively animated and lively performance; the band had something intriguing and captivating. The stage setting was remarkable, the unique atmosphere the violon created, enhancing the dancing vibes. Everyone was admirative of all the colors this band was displaying, from the singer’s enraged vocals (which could have fitted perfectly in an emo band) to the magical harmonies, without forgetting the tremendous drum work. The band’s different songs made us feel various kinds of emotions, as they sounded joyful and cheerful at times, and slow and absorbing at others. A really outstanding, breath taking performance, overall. The Mispers were definitely a major discovery, one to keep an eye on, and who knows, maybe our new favorite band?

When we saw Kodaline three years ago, for the first time, they were still that new up and coming band, unsure if they would conquer the world. But tonight in the Trix’s biggest venue, those days are over and they’re enjoying every second of it. Having just released a new record ‘Coming Up For Air’ about a month ago, the band is back with many new titles to entertain their fans. Most of the audience is already familiar with their new material and pouring their hearts out on songs like Ready, Unclear or Honest. Nonetheless, their first album still has a great hold on the fans memories and everyone is equally committed to songs like Love Like This, Brand New Day, One Day.  The One seems to be a special song as the band explained how they offered this song as a wedding gift to their friend Phil Magee (who worked on both albums) and how nervous they about what he’ll think of it.  Kodaline is the type of band who will fill your heart with joy and love, and they seemed happy and thrilled be playing to this devoted crowd. The smile on everyone’s faces was probably contagious. And it’s definitely this crowd who played a major role in making the night even more feeric, singing again High Hopes’ chorus in unisson or All I Want before the show and during the encore. The public’s prowesses as choir vocalists were spectacular.

We will have to say that these irish folks granted us a very special hour and half, and left us dreaming about a re-doing this all over again.

I’m Yousra, in love with most of the things that earth has to offer, and isn’t music one of its most amazing wonders ? In that purpose, I try to always be on the look-out for every new band that will make my ears happy and my soul filled again.

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