Show Review : OUR LAST NIGHT + Palisades + Our Theory – Paris (May 2015)

Our Last Night 17
May is an extremely busy month regarding music and this year is no exception. We didn’t even get to rest after Groezrock that we were rushing to yet another sold-out boat show in Paris. Our Last Night were gracing the french soil again after a very successful appearance at Damage Festival at the end of last year. Playing with them tonight were the parisians in Our Theory, followed by this tour’s main supporting act, Palisades.

Our Theory have made major steps forward since their first appearance with the renewed line up, back in October 2014. It’s now with more confidence and smoothness that the quintet takes up the stage, with quality post-hardcore music, while Alex, the latest addition to the band brightly completes his duty as a frontman. He’s indeed great at communicating with his crowd; an audience that’s only been growing over the past year, showing that Our Theory are currently well working their way into this scene.
Next up are Palisades, who had’t been in Europe since 2013. Having released a new album, ‘Mindgames’ in January, the Americans came to conquer for good the old continent, where they still need to make a mark…Or at least this is what we thought, until we witnessed the response they’ve been given in a city that is also popular for being very difficult to win over. Despite not being huge fans of what they have to offer, it clearly appeared to us that Palisades already had a somewhat well-established fanbase in the country , bringing a solid group of fans to this show. Furthermore, it’s after they went on stage (terribly late) that things really went off, increasing the heat to an impressive level. People did sing along and mosh and many of them were here -without any doubt – for this band specifically.
It’s in an over-heated room that Our Last Night made their entrance, on this lovely (and exhausting) Sunday, but this didn’t stop the hundreds of fans of going nearly hysterical as the band members appeared on stage, to the sound of the dramatic intro of Same Old War. Looking genuinely happy and in a mood to satisfy the fans, the quartet shows energy  is willing to make the boat sink. Truth is, Our Last Night have this strong relationship with the french fans, that only  builds up over the time, to the extent that the band now gets to play more cities in this country.
What was in there for us then? Well, a consistent set of a dozen songs, from the glorious ‘The Age of Ignorance’ days, to the most recent single Home, that had only been released a couple of days before, at this time. Fans could therefore happily sing along to Fate or Dark Storms, as well as to brilliant covers such as the classic Skyfall and the Bostonians’ rendition of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse that has a pretty good effect on the crowd, leading them to even more jumping. The love for Paris felt with Our Last Night singing the introspective Falling Away, something pretty rare, we heard, and allowing us to cool down a little, as the venue’s staff was trying to chill the atmosphere by throwing water on the crowd. However, that was it for the emotional sequence of the night. With the show coming to an end, the band offered Sunrise, a huge fan favorite, before closing on I’ve Never Felt This Way Before, in a last burst of energy, both from the band and the crowd. The four guys mentioned something about their return next fall, before shaking hands and ‘high-fiving’ a bunch of fans in the front rows, then leaving for good. We’ll soon find them meeting people at the merch table…
Still on the road as part of the World Tour, Our Last Night have announced the release of their forthcoming full length, ‘Younger Dreams’ on June 16, 2015.




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