Show Review : Our Last Night / Secrets / Empires Fade / Continents – Paris, Feb 16th

IMG_0229On the night of February 16th, all parisian Our Last Night‘s fans were expected at one of our favorite venues, Le Batofar, for a sold out show. The American band is back in Mainland Europe for their first headline tour, which seemed to be great. And for the occasion, they brought along, the metalcore bands Secrets and Empires Fade, also familiar with the french capital. Added to the bill for tonight’s show was the welsh band Continents.

First to head on stage are Continents, but we didn’t get to see much of their performance as we hadn’t finished interviewing Our Last Night. We noticed the singer’s stage presence and his ability to communicate the energy to the crowd that responded pretty well, though. Continents were playing some rather smooth post-hardcore music, and presented a technically good performance, but sadly there was nothing innovative there. Even though, the room didn’t seem much familiar with the band, Continents reached out to many people in the crowd and they have certainly gained some new fans.

 IMG_0258Empires Fades are next, and, we can already see a few people excited to see them. Indeed, it wasn’t their first time in Paris, as they already played Damage Festival (w/ Architects, Bleed From Within…) 2 years before. The band delivered an energic set, showing  a great prestance and a real communication towards the crowd from lead vocalist Jack Delany. We also had the pleasure to see Aaron Melzer from Secrets singing with them during one of the last songs! Their last song Highest Highs managed to create some more movements within the crowd and make the band leave on a satisfied note. Overall a great performance, with a great sound, but maybe it could appear too linear when we don’t know all of the songs. With that being said, we can’t wait to hear more from this promising band!

IMG_0374 Secrets are following, presenting their last album Fragile Figures. The band has a new frontman, Aaron Melzer, since the last european tour (with Of Mice & Men and Memphis May Fire) where Xander was still leading. And we have to say that Aaron is completely blending with the rest of the band, and has a great stage presence. And it’s with the song How We Survive that they opened their set. It’s incredible to see that they sound live pretty much as the same as in the album. It’s very clean and polished: a great performance from the californian band, with a diverse set containing ols songs such as The Oath or The Heartless Part but also recent ones from the new album. Furthermore, it was easy to notice that Secrets have already a true fanbase in Paris, with several people singing their heart out. Ready For Repair, for instance, the last single of the band is indeed sung by everyone as the crowd is turning completely mental. This time, it’s Jack Delany from Empires Fade time to jump on stage for a little featuring on their song Live Together, Die Alone, announcing also the end of the set. That’s when Michael Owens will fall into the crowd, smiling. Definitely a good show from Secrets !

 IMG_0429By the end of the night, you could feel the urge of the headliner as Our Last Night were requested on stage and the whole boat was yelling and clapping. It is a packed room,  and the band seems amazed by the evolution compared to the last two times they were in this exact same venue. The room was filled by highly excited people, it was a mixed surprising public, and the band seemed really pleased by the energy in the room. They kicked off things with Same Old War and immediately the first rows got even more packed, straightly followed by Age Of Ignorance, another fans favorite. You could feel that the fans were passionate, as a lot of them were trying to reach the mic and sing their lungs out. Obviously, they weren’t really paying attention to Trevor’s pitch problems in the beginning of the set, that unfortunately caught our attention. The band was here supporting their latest release ‘Oak Island’, that led them to another level of recognition, and of which they played several songs such as Scared Of Change, Dark Storms and I’ve Never Felt This Way. A few songs, like Sunrise, Fate or their famous cover of Skyfall, got the people even wilder. It is in this wild mood that Our Last Night will be called back on stage a few moments after they left to perform Elephants and the final song Liberate Me. The night ended with the frontman Trevor stage diving, followed by the bassist Alex (“Woody”) who jumped over the crowd as well. And as they suggested before, after their set, the whole band made themselves available to everyone in the room and took time to chat and take some pictures with their rather devoted fans.

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Many thanks to Emma & Thomas,
Curran Blevins, Rich Dyke, Jonnie Baker and of course Our Last Night. 

Special thanks to Only Talent Productions as well.

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