Show review : Man Overboard / Moose Blood / Roam / Call It Off – 11.04.15 – Tessenderlo, BE

Man Overboard - Paris - 21.04.15; by PLUG-IN
Man Overboard – Paris – 21.04.15; by PLUG-IN

Oh how we love tiny basement shows and this one was no exception. In Tessenderlo, we were meeting up for a special Groezrock pre-show, featuring Man Overboard, Moose Blood and Roam.
Unfortunetaly we didn’t make in time to see swedish Dorm Patrol perform but we managed to get right in time for Call It Off’s set (thank god).

First off, those who don’t need an introduction here at Plug In anymore, Call It Off, one of Netherlands’ finest pop/punk band. With their energetic, refreshing and joyful sound, they’re set to remind you that punk is absolutely not dead ! The young four piece band quickly created a shared good mood in the bar, getting everyone involved pretty fast, asking for circle pits, harmony singing, clapping. Displaying their different influences, through their various songs, the band sent us back to our teenage years (the early Green Day/Sum 41 days).  The a capella moment needs a special mention though, it just reassured us in how much this band is talented and diversified, it was pretty amazing. They ended the set with their catchy title Do It All Again, that could easily be our summer’s anthem.

Moments later, Roam were getting on stage. Immediately, the crowd went wild, to the point where we could not see the singer amongst the crowd from time to time. Many people were pouring their hearts out, seeking for the mic, which Alex Costello gladly shared with them. The band seemed pleased and humbled by the response they were getting, and they did not refrain to express it (‘We’ve been all around the US, but this is amazing, thank you Belgium!‘). All the essence of pop/punk was conveyed by this band; the energy and the commitment. The whole set was something we weren’t particularly expecting, the passion invaded this room and everyone got caught up in it. Those 25 minutes we spent with Roam were truly remarkable.
Truthfully, we highly recommend you to listen to Roam for your ears’ well being, and we definitely will be on the lookout for their next stop in our country.

After a quick break, where we took some time to breathe fresh air, Moose Blood had finished getting ready. Once again, the reaction of the crowd took us by surprise, and judging by the looks on the band members’ faces, same went for them.  The room turned upside down in a matter of seconds after the first notes of Bukowski started. Some people decided to crowd surf, even though their heads were nearly touching the roof. The effervescence was at a high level. The british offered such a sweet set of their sour redefined emo sound. Having only one full-length record under their belt, Moose Blood performed a heartfelt 7-song set (Pups, Swim Down, I Hope You’re Missing Me…), during which every soul in the room has been moved. They eventually left the stage, after performing Boston in a last burst of energy from the crowd.
Remember when we said they were our new favorite band a few months ago? Tonight was nothing but a confirmation of our statement, and we probably love them even more now.

Finally, Man Overboard had the hard task to close this night. The heat has peaked and the several sweaty fans were on pins and needles waiting for the headliners. Unlike the rest of the sets, the mayhem was lower. Nonetheless, everyone was singing and appeared to be emotionally involved. And from time to time, the chaos was back, as it happened during Rare, Love Your Friends, Die Laughing, Montrose… Although the sound was not really on point, the band delivered a memorable performance. They rushed their set, the songs followed up -Man Overboard took only a brief break to ask for whisky!- making the set seem a bit short.

Overall, we had a delicious night of pure pop/punk music just as needed.

I’m Yousra, in love with most of the things that earth has to offer, and isn’t music one of its most amazing wonders ? In that purpose, I try to always be on the look-out for every new band that will make my ears happy and my soul filled again.

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