Show review : Marmozets + The Amsterdam Red Light District – Paris, March 2015

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It was only the second time The Amsterdam Red-Light District were performing in the french capital-city, which was a little surprising to us, giving their career…Tonight’s show is therefore quite an event for them, as well as for the fans.
It’s after a curious airport-like, introductive announcement in several languages that the band enters on stage, in a burst of energy. The room isn’t entirely filled, people don’t really understand what is happening yet, but The Amsterdam Red-Light District are determined and their highly energetic rock’n’roll starts to work. Currently promoting the release of their debut full-length ‘Gone For A While’ (that we already reviewed here), the band has played several tracks off it, such as Million Miles Away and I’m Not Insane. The most interesting part was probably that these are good songs that take a whole new dimension on stage; ending up absolutely fantastic! These guys are brilliant performers; with  an overly energetic Elio Sxone on vocal duties, running all over the room and quite an excited guitar player as Maxime Comby following, they quickly plunged the venue into a sweet chaos. Furthermore – and as we had already stated here – they have an incredible drive. Heavy at times, punk at others, but always with that classic rock’n’roll vibe, The Amsterdam Red-Light District are one of those bands one can never get bored of. The Lyon rockers wrap things up with The Party Is Over (how accurate?) and it’s the occasion for them to take one last tour around the room, under the amused gaze of the attendees. As for us…well we just wish this could last longer!

© Christophe Soulas for
© Christophe Soulas for

If the party’s over for TARLD, it’s only the beginning of Marmozets‘. We were quite curious about these youngsters, who’ve been quite a hot topic lately, after the release of their triumphal debut full-length The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets. After watching their performance, it was safe for us to acknowledge the accuracy of this album title, because this band is indeed absolutely wonderful in its weirdness. Marmozets immediately set the tone with the opening song Move, Shake Hide, before relentlessly following up. We’re in 2015 and facing real young people, but oddly enough, there are times where we feel like we’ve been taken to a trashy punk show in the seventies, coming in contrast with definitely more contemporary periods. All of the band members involved on stage have impressively imposing personalities, in addition of being super-talented. Lead singer Becca MacIntyre, has curious dance moves and a voice that carries with precision, while Sam MacIntyre, Jack and Will Bottomley shred it on their guitars with passion. The third sibling Josh MacIntyre, however  takes it up a notch with his fascinating drumming that obsessed us for a good third of the performance. Altogether, these guys manage to provide us with a captivating show, which could be even haunting at times, during Love You Good, for instance.
Marmozets are also close to their audience; sharing the microphone, a few words and even drinks with some of them. The room is nearly completely filled up and the crowd is one fire most of the time, between front-row head bangers and raging circle pits. Marmozets played most of the songs on their full-length, such as Is It Horrible? and Born Young and Free, which are excellent live-performance material. They didn’t forget to slow things down for a bit with Hit The Wave, and successfully rounded off their Paris debut in style (and sweat) with Why Do You Hate Me? Moments later, we could already witness Sam MacIntyre chatting outside the venue with some fans…

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