Show review: Of Mice and Men + Issues + Beartooth (April 30th 2014)

Of-Mice-Men-UK-EUOn the 30th of April, Of Mice and Men graced the AB Club with their presence. The Californian band brought their friends in Issues and Beartooth along for the ride, which resulted in an energetic and fast paced show that left us wanting more.

Now I’ll have to admit that I do have some tiny frustrations that made me want to pull my hair out, and most of them, well all of them, concern the venue. While the AB is my favorite concert venue which I would live in if I could the same cannot be said for the AB Club. The stage was extremely small and barely fit all of the equipment, which resulted in everything being cramped together, and no room to breathe for the band members. Now of course this shouldn’t concern me as I’m just a person in the crowd but what did frustrate me were the instruments exiting the stage. As the AB Club has a small stage it does not have the option where everything is taken side stage, instead, after every single act security had to open up the barriers of the first row so the crew could take away the instruments, this resulted in a lot of shouting, pulling, pushing and especially swearing by both the crowd and the crewmembers.

Beartooth opened the show with an extremely energetic set, which made me personally feel like I had some sort of ADD, and I do have to admit that I liked it. Sometimes the vocals couldn’t be heard very clearly and there were some problems with all of the equipment staying on stage, but the band worked around this and who knows, maybe I’m the only person that notices these kinds of things. With a set that encouraged people to express themselves and mosh pits that even the guys from Issues participated in, Beartooth rocked it!

Next up was Issues and even though it was quite some time before they finally showed up the wait was worth it. They played a total of eight songs and started out with Stingray Affliction. Their energy on stage was incredible and you just couldn’t stand still even if you really wanted to.  As it was the last show of the European Tour there was this vibe in the room where all the bands that performed just wanted to prove themselves one last time, yet at the same time they were just having fun as well, nothing was forced, it was just that, pure and energetic fun.

After Beartooth and Issues it was finally time for Of Mice and Men. They opened their set with Public Service Announcement from their latest album ‘Restoring Force’ released through Rise Records and from the first note to the last they had swept the crowd of its feet and made it soar through the room. With a song that is so easy to relate to they proved that there is no other place for them to be than on a stage.

When Bones Exposed came around everyone’s attention was on full operation mode. The crowd sang along to every single word and that feeling, for me, was magical. With the alternating screams and vocals from Austin and Aaron it was so easy to lose yourself to the music and just surrender. If you add to those two aspects the heart-piercing drumbeats provided by Tino and the guitar work by both Alan and Phil you get the recipe for an amazing, mind-losing time.

Not only did they play songs from ‘Restoring Force’ they also played some of their earlier work from the albums ‘The Flood’ and of course from their self-titled debut album ‘Of Mice and Men’ and we are so happy they did because honestly, who doesn’t want to hear Second & Sebring or Still YDG’N live? During these older songs there was only one feeling in the room and that was the feeling of coming home. The feeling of coming home to a song that you have known for ever, that you have sung along to countless times.

Of Mice and Men had the crowd under their spell, when The Depths came around the whole crowd obeyed to the instruction given, namely: “Get the fuck down and don’t come up until I tell you to.” The crowd was so quiet hanging on to every word said by Austin Carlile that by the time it was okay to get up again they proved that they weren’t just a band that has fangirls in every state of the US, they proved that they were a high quality band, with inspiring lyrics, some of the most wonderful fans and music to lose yourself to.

If you didn’t get the chance to check out Of Mice and Men on april 30th don’t you worry, turn that frown upside down because they’ll be playing Graspop Metal Meeting and Pukkelpop this summer and tickets are still available!

Of Mice and Men have recently released a music video for Would You Still Be There from their album ‘Restoring Force’ through Rise Records, you can check that out down below!

Text: Skye J

Of Mice and Men: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Official Website
Issues: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Official Website
Beartooth: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Official Website

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