Show review : Milk Teeth + Drug Church + Title Fight – Paris, May 2015

Title Fight - Paris, May 2015 //  Photo © Mariam B. -
Title Fight – Paris, May 2015 // Photo © Mariam B. –
Tonight’s line up is the kind that warms your heart only looking at the poster and for good reason, because joining this already awesome tour bill, are the french post rock band Man Is Not A Bird. Unfortunately, things didn’t really go as planned and with the schedules changing a bit in the late afternoon, we could only work our way through public transports to make it to the venue a little after the second band, Milk Teeth, started playing.

First things first, we were quite looking forward to see Milk Teeth and they didn’t disappoint! These young british people seem quite out of this world and it’s definitely a delight to see them on stage. They definitely bring freshness, sounding somehow broken and messy. We understand that they can appear a little unsettling playing right after Man Is Not A Bird, especially for someone who doesn’t know what to expect, but at least they’re intriguing and catch attention. It’s a shame that not that many people were present by the time they started playing, even we ended up getting there late, due to the last minute changes in the official schedule. However, with their raw and careless sound and the chemistry flowing between all of the band members, we slowly understand why Milk Teeth is currently taking off. While many compare them to Nirvana and the Pixies, we’re not even sure that’s what they sound like. Yes, it’s sometimes reminiscent of these underground sounds from the nineties, but Milk Teeth definitely hold way more than just this, they manage to create something of their own. Unfortunately we didn’t get to hear their “signature” dual singing, as singer and bassist Becky Blomfield was on a vocal rest on that day. However it was fuzzy at will and singer and guitar player Josh Bannister is as energetic as young drummer Olly is fascinating. In all honesty, it’s all refreshing to see young musicians bringing something new from what’s trending at a said moment.
We’ve always wondered why Drug Church’s song titles are weird, I mean it doesn’t follow the classic song title scheme – as in Attending A Cousin’s Birthday and Leaning to Speak British, that we’ll hear tonight. Then we got to see them perform and it all made sense. These guys aren’t the average people and aside from making frantic music, they are fronted by a curious human; who doesn’t hesitate to make murky jokes and show a bit of sarcasm in his chats in between the songs. That same character who fronts Self Defense Family, for that matter. Too bad tonight’s audience won’t be so receptive to it – we and a few others did enjoy it!- or didn’t get this fine sense of humour?
Music-wise, the band will deliver a consistent set of songs that showcase their ability to do things unsually. Performing mostly songs from their two latest releases ‘Pal Walker’ and ‘Swell’, Drug Church will offer to us some blend of punk and hardcore tinged by old school rock. Imagine yourself being shot out mid-nineties to a NYC basement bar, where young punks in their rebel years meet up and watch that music no one else understands at school, before the fire marshal shows up. That’s how it sounds like. Patrick Kindlon’s voice has that vintage-ish croaky vibe; combined with some dirty agressive riffs, it can only send you to some complete other space-time. Just listen to But Does It Work? and see where it takes you.
Title Fight are the headliners today and a quick glance at the venue let us realize that it has finally filled up, which is quite a good news knowing that a few other awaited shows were happening in the city in this same evening.
Another relief was also to finally see people move and react to the music, as Murder Your Memory kicked in.
Two years after their last appearance in the french capital city, Title Fight are finally back, at the exact same venue, this time headlining. The band has a new album to present to their audience, which is ‘Hyperview’. A record where the Pennsylvanians take a slight move towards something fresh, something more laid-back and ambient than what they did in their early age, leaving many of the old fans skeptical.
For this tour, Title Fight decided not to take much risk and composed a fairly well-balanced setlist of nearly as much ‘Floral Green’ songs as ‘Hyperview’ ones and of course a couple of even older tracks that can’t be overlooked as Society. It turned out to be a pretty fair deal to which people responded well, singing along to several new songs, such as Your Pain is Mine Now, before losing their minds to the likes of 27 and Symmetry. Maybe things didn’t go particularly crazy in the room – except, maybe, when these guys believed to be from a certain band called Trash Talk, initiated some stage dives – but the atmosphere seemed in harmony with the band members’ natural nonchalance. It was overall enjoyable and everything sounded smooth and pleasant.
Title Fight delivered an honest and unpretentious performance; something we don’t get to savor as much as we need to these days, so props to them for making this happen!
Rounding off the evening with Secret Society, Title Fight walk away, despite the crowd asking for an encore. It didn’t happen, but at least we got to enjoy close to 20 songs, so let’s not complain!

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