Show Review : Miss May I + Battlecross + Supports – Paris, Feb 20th


On the night of February 20th, we were all gathered at La Flèche D’Or in Paris to see one of america’s finest current metal core bands Miss May I. As they were touring Europe as openers for the almighty Trivium, they took some time apart to play two extra shows as headliners in Paris and Solothurn (Switzerland). And as for the opening acts for tonight’s show, we will have the metal band Battlecross, and french bands Fight For Ashes and All The Shelters.

French band All The Shelters opens the show, introducing its set with Girls just wanna have fun by Cindy Lauper. Presenting a hardcore sound that has the subtlety to be different from what’s always done nowadays, their singer will have the merit to be really talkative with the crowd. Even though the parisians won’t be so receptive, All The Shelters proved that they deserve to be heard and well followed in the future. Keep an eye on them !

As for Fight For Ashes, second french band of the evening, they opened with Rythm of the night, but didn’t receive either a great response, where the crowd was only half singing… Shame that Paris wasn’t so receptive for the two opening french bands when such energy was spent to connect with the crowd. However, it won’t repel Fight For Ashes for the release party of their first album, ‘When Passion Goes Fashion’. Such a passionate set was a pleasure to see, as well as a real communication with the crowd, we will indeed even see Antony sing in the middle of the audience. No doubt that Fight For Ashes aren’t just hard workers on their sound but also on their stage performance.

For their first time in Europe, it is the american metal band Battlecross who carried the main support duty. There was something slightly impressive about having real metalheads on a metalcore show, in such a small venue, it takes the show to a whole new dimension, but still the band was a perfect fit as a support for Miss May I. And we soon noticed that their presence was much appreciated by the crowd that obviously wasn’t familiar with the american band. On a technical note, the band had a perfect mastery of their instruments, with some epic guitar solos, we were also impressed by the drummer’s performance as well as vocalist Kyle Gunther’s ability to switch from high to really low tones. The band’s heavy sound was refreshing, and their happiness contagious. After performing Beast, they played a heavier and faster song, Flesh And Bone, that really got the crowd moving  and won over. ‘This song is designed for circle pits, I’m just saying”, joked the Kyle. Then he explained that the next song was about his son Kaleb (which was the song’s title as well). The band left the stage after a last song, the escalating Push Pull Destroy and its melodic intro.

A few moments later, the night’s headliner Miss May I got on stage and got things starting with a public favorite Relentless Chaos, followed by other old songs Masses of a Dying Breed and Our Kings, which got the energy even higher in the venue. Especially, when singer Levi Benton  announced that the next song will be Forgive And Forget. Unfortunately, some technical issues occurred, Levi’s mic got off during Ballad Of A Broken Man, but that will definitely not stop the band from pursuing the song and ending it on a strong note. And as the band will be releasing a new record soon (late April), they chose to play some of their new material, two new songs called Gone and Refuse To Believe. Both are catchy songs, made for live performances. Gone has already been released a few days ago (you can hear it here) and Refuse To Believe will be out soon (informed us bassist Ryan Neff). We were fascinated by how fast the circle pits were opened and the numerous circle pits executed that night. They finally wrapped things up with Hey Mister and leaving the crowd wanting more as a lot of people chanted ‘one more’ that sadly the band couldn’t play. So, tonight’s show was probably a better memory of Paris than their last show at Le Batofar, proving that their last effort ‘At Heart’ was well received in our shores.



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