Crowd Report : Papa Roach + Glamour of The Kill + Debunk – Brussels (BE)

528010_10151016404056731_1134572380_nEven when abandoned by all my friends who bankrupted this month, I couldn’t help but to go alone to see Papa Roach perform at the Ancienne Belgique. I know this place since a while now, and for having followed P.Roach since 2003 or so I quite know what they’re up to. So, great expectations for this show, and I must say I wasn’t disappointed at all. But first, there were Debunk and Glamour of the Kill.

I don’t know what happened to Middle Class Rut, which was supposed to open the night, but Debunk was announced to replace them a few days before. This is what I knew coming into the room, only to discover that those folks must more than likely still be in high school. Good for them, I just felt a little older than I already did. I also felt like not only my friends but the whole Brussels scene had failed on me, for I did never had seen such an empty AB. I easily managed to get to the front rows and having no more rows behind me. Nevermind, let’s focus on the music !

I assume the AB’s sound ingeneer does have some bitterness against some guitarist of a band he must have been kicked off back in the days, for he always give the support acts too much bass and too little guitars, but I still can guess what Debunk’s music is about. These songs are catchy, they rock quite well ! Everything is square and in time, I noticed no musical mistakes, only some stupid and almost unimportant things like forgetting to switch off the guitar volume while tuning.

My overall impression was that despite their very young age and relative inexperience, they’re already really professional. That impression came stronger when I was given a flyer with their websites and everything at the exit of the venue. I don’t think the audience came there specially for them, but it still reacted enthusiastically to the singer’s calls. Singer who, even if he still lacks a little presence up on stage, knows when to open his mouth and when to shut it. There were only few people in the room, but he made them all clap.

Debunk, a band to keep an eye on. My guess is that the day they sign a good label they grow big.

Right after came Glamour of the Kill. Those guys were the real warming up. First mosh pits broke through the audience as soon as on the second song. Speaking of the audience, it was thankfully a little bit denser than before, but a little less reactive though. The band knows how to make you jump and scream, but the majority of the room wasn’t that into them. That’s a pity cause they weren’t bad at all. They finally managed to involve everybody during the last song, making the pit as large as the room for a final wall of death just as I like.

At that time, I was ready to get on fire when Papa Roach would get on stage, just as much as everybody else. The venue hasn’t sold out yet, but is now decently filled for the main act of the night. First screams were heard when the flag was waved, and then everybody was prepared for what was about to be a massive hundred minutes of giant fiesta yelling the lyrics we all grew with along the almighty Shaddix and his awesome crew. Did I say ready to get on fire ? The first kick in the teeth was given with Burn, from Time To Annihilation.

The rest of the show was growing hotter and hotter, just like P.Roach knows how to do, giving the best of them on every single song. No major surprise for the set list, they picked all the anthems from all their albums, from Between Angels And Insects to Still Swingin’, from their last release “The Connection”. Broken Home, Time And Time Again, Lifeline, Scars, Getting Away With Murder... Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to play them all.

The show ended at its culmination point with Last Resort, after what we were finally allowed to rest a little bit, while Tony, Tobin, Jerry and Jacoby were thanking the crowd, seemingly overwhelmed by the high level of energy we were able to deliver. Were we ? Not as much as P.Roach music is, and I can’t wait to get back to their next appearance !

Words : BtK


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