Show review : POLAR + Light Your Anchor + Guests (May 2015)

Polar. – Paris, May 2015 // © Emma Forni for

At the begining of May, we witnessed this nice little show at Le Klub, with headliners Polar., and support from the germans from Light Your Anchor and the parisians Tahoe and The Blackmordia.

The latter opened the show on May 1st and brought quite an energy, introducing their hardcore music which, albeit not groundbreaking, is still delivered with passion and strength. Their moving frontman tried (and failed) to wake up the parisian crowd, which was a shame, but we’ll keep in mind their good presence and sound.

Coming shortly after to grace the stage was Tahoe, a band you’ve probably already heard of if you watch this space. Offering a moving set, they brought a different energy on stage. Tahoe are worth noticing more by their sound than because of their live performance, though ; they do know how to move on a stage but the french band doesn’t over do it, focusing on conveying raw energy through their sound.

However, third opener Light Your Anchor was a different shade of hardcore. The germans know how to wake up a crowd and they do it well for sure, but if you thought the energy would end there, clearly, you’ve never seen headliners Polar. live.

Making one with the crowd, lead singer Adam Woodford put such a great energy that it radiated through the small room, the melodies making the atmosphere absolutely mad. Efficient hardcore and a great presence, that’s what POLAR. does so well, and tonight, they absolutely absolutely smashed it, which is yet another reason to never miss them if they’re ever near you !


Words + Photos : Emma F. 

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