Show Review : RHODES (Supporting George Ezra) – Paris, June 2015

Rhodes - Paris, June 2015 // Mariam B. for
Rhodes – Paris, June 2015 // Mariam B. for

George Ezra was playing a huge show at the legendary Olympia Hall in Paris and singer Rhodes was opening the big night. This was the occasion for us to discover this outrageously talented young man, who was playing in Paris for the 5th time in a little over a year!

Rhodes is a subtle blend of strength and delicacy; both displayed through his powerful voice and interpretation of music. Having listened to some of his songs before getting to the show, it has to be said that the live rendition for them was exceptional. Raw, full of passion, the breathtaking vocal power, enhanced by beautiful musical harmonies, resulted in a sharp performance which sounded particularly on point, the venue having to do a lot with this, probably.

Rhodes, well-surrounded by his band of musicians who “got his heart” as he stated, has a beautiful aura on stage, as well as a presence that is notable. He showed off generosity and mindfulness through songs such as Breathe, Close Your Eyes, and Your Soul, which especially impressed us vocally speaking during the chorus lines.

The singer also promoted his headline show which was held a couple of days later in the french capital, even announcing that he was running an online competition to get free entry to this show. An information which apparently pleased a lovely bunch of people, especially in the front rows of young ladies, who responded pretty well throughout the whole performance, to be fair.

Happy and grateful, Rhodes sincerely thanked the supportive and welcoming french crowd one last time before leaving the stage for good, after a stellar 30-minute performance.

Rhodes has recently announced the release of his debut album ‘Wishes’, which is available already for pre order and scheduled for September 1st, 2015. In the meantime, you can listen to his previously released EPs, such as ‘Raise Your Love’ and ‘Morning’, both of which are available for stream or download. Rhodes also recently played for Burberry, accompanied by an orchestra and it’s also worth a listen!

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