Show review : Seahaven – Antwerp (BE) / April 12

1794725_668223343223846_637098852_nOpening the evening were the locals in Bibles; an indie band that makes some catchy music with joyful melodies. The whole thing sounds lovely and the synths are present in a way that makes everything sound spontaneous and chill. The music itself is well-crafted and technically sophisticated and it’s quite enjoyable to hear. However, in terms of performance, things seemed a little bit frozen and linear. Shame, because other than that Bibles showed a lot of potential.

Things go to the next level when Seahaven hit the stage. For their first headliner in Europe and in Belgium, we didn’t quite know what to expect in terms of audience and it turns out a lot of people showed up and Seahaven were much awaited. The room was filled with people moving and singing. They were moved and touched, as the songs were following up, in a fair balance between ‘Reverie Lagoon’ and ‘Winter Forever’. Instrumental transitions helped not breaking the general mood and highlighted the escapist atmosphere. It gave indeed a curious impression of floating and rightly so; the californians’ new release isn’t called ‘Reverie’ for no reason! Seahaven defended ‘Reverie Lagoon’ with success and it’s with confidence that we say that even those who were sceptical about the heavy turn that the band took with this album were probably won over after only a few minutes of set.
Seahaven delivered a stream of feelings during their performance which was explosive at times (Goodnight, Flesh), chill (Andreas) even emotional (Black & White, Love To Burn) at others, reaching some high points such as the grand finale with Honey Bee for the encore (massive tug at the heartstrings with this one I swear!). The band was seemingly thankful and happy to be here and even quite surprised about the awesome response they got from their belgian fans. Despite technical problems of which the band apparently suffered more than the crowd, the show was a major success and Seahaven proved that they have once again stepped up their game.

And in conclusion, two thumbs up for Mendville Shows, Flood Floorshows and Den Eglantier, Antwerp for putting together what was hands down one of the best shows of the year for us so far!

Also, not our video, but here’s a glimpse of that wonderful evening!



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