Show review : Seahaven / The Story So Far – Paris (07.10.2013)

1003222_10151825309901168_579811261_nLe Batofar – Paris, October 7th, 2013.  

Monday can be depressing to some of us, but having the opportunity to attend a nice show on a Monday evening can be very helpful to gently start a new week. The Story So Far are headlining in Paris tonight, with Seahaven as a support.
After a little chat with Kyle from Seahaven, we got inside this singular venue to enjoy the show. Here are our thoughts on it.


Seahaven are one of those rare bands that are already brilliant on record but even better live. This band may not be very known in Paris yet, but their performance surely helped them make a few more fans and it was enjoyable to witness some people singing their lyrics with passion in the first rows. Seahaven were both technically and emotionally good, with a perfect combo between lead singer Kyle Soto’s genuinely hypnotic voice and Mike Debartolo’s backing vocals during songs such as Save Me. In addition to being technically very good – Seahaven know their craft for sure – the Californians have a good stage presence, fueled by their commitment : They know how to catch the attention, emotionally speaking, grabbing you by the throat (we think about Black and White and Head In The Sand, for example). It’s seems therefore that their strength lies in their both melodic and energetic switch.
With their upcoming album set to be released soon, we sincerely hope to see Seahaven soon in our shores (with a longer set this time, maybe?)

Headliners tonight are The Story So Far, that are already back here after a few months only. Most definitely awaited, we were surprised to see that the room wasn’t really packed, however, people in the audience were probably true, passionate fans, judging by their commitment from the beginning to the very end of the show. Despite a few technical problems (microphone off) during the first two -or so- songs, people in the audience were relentlessly jumping around and singing their heart out. We’d never witnessed so many stage dives during a pop punk show in that venue! The energy of the band itself was also enjoyable and surprising in a positive way, knowing that The Story So Far are constantly on the road. The set was consistent, with a lot of hits (Roam, Things I Can’t Change and of course Quicksand), the Walnut Creek boys delivered a long and satisfying performance (14 songs!). The Story So Far wrapped up their sweaty show with Mt Diablo, a fan-favorite that the crowd claimed as an encore.

Overall, tonight’s shows were great, and happened to create a nice atmosphere amongst the people in presence (maybe was it also the nice weather and setting? (a boat!)) and the two bands fitted perfectly together. One of those evenings we’d like to see happen more often!



PS : If you missed The Story So Far on this tour, you should know that the band will come back to Europe early next year, supporting A Day to Remember on their headliner! (full dates on our Tour section)

P.P.S : Interview with Kyle Soto / Seahaven right here.

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