Show review : You Me At Six + Deaf Havana – Paris (FR)

1557619_259457994225885_1995141631_nDeaf Havana are one band that’s taken one sweet revenge against life and its mishaps, when they decided to pursue their path a few years ago after encountering a major obstacle. We wouldn’t lie if we said that they surprised everyone with their new direction but evenmore with the success they’re currently facing. It took quite a long time, but this is also a proof of the hard-work and dedication it must have required them. Deaf Havana are a brilliant example of a persevering band, who made it in the search of their identity and the route through maturity because that’s exactly how it sounds now. They improved their sound, with two new additions to their line up, including Max Britton on the keyboards, which now gives a whole new dimension to their performances.

Opening with Boston Square and immediately followed by Speeding Cards,  Deaf Havana quickly caught crowd’s attention and got many people on their feet. At this point, the band already delivers a delightful moment of music, that can’t do anything but make you smile and even find yourself dancing along.
Deaf Havana played 10 songs, well balanced between the last two records, ‘Old Souls’ and ‘Fools And Worthless Liars’, making their fans happy and conquering a lot of new others at the same time. Some people even recognized the first notes of ‘I Will Try’ and it was enjoyable to hear their reaction to it. Out of those 10 songs appeared a new one, Trigger, which was only debuting live on this tour and yet has to be recorded. If this song sounded fresh and definitely new, it was also definitely sounding like a logical continuation to the ‘Old Souls” vibes, which is a good news. Happy and humbled about the warm welcome Paris’ crowd gave them on that night, vocalist James Veck-Gilodi however didn’t forget to mention between two sips of beer that he threw up minutes before hitting the stage (such a role model!).
On a more serious note, it’s without hesitation that we can say Deaf Havana have definitely redefined their sound and are now far, far away from their beginnings with “Meet Me Halfway…”. The band closes its appearance with one of ‘Old Souls” finest tracks, Mildred, with James’ younger brother Matthew taking the vocal lead.

734452_259458250892526_923276639_nYou Me At Six hadn’t  been in the french capital for over two years, since ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ came out, it’s without a doubt that the band was highly awaited on that evening, judging by the 700+ people-capacity sold out room, which seemed to amaze the band members.

The british were supporting this time the release of their new (controversial-ish) album ‘Cavalier Youth’, from which was taken the starter of the set, Too Young To Feel This Old. The next track Fresh Start Fever started to raise more energy in the room with its dancing vibes and at this stage, the atmosphere is explosive already.
As usual, the band played some fans’ favorites such as Underdog and Stay With Me (during which Josh Franceschi asked the crowd to get on their knees, ready to jump) and everyone got wild as we could witness some crowdsurfs and the pit opening up from time to time. Of course, many people would say that the set lacked some classic tunes such as The Consequence or anything form ‘Take Off Your Colours’, but as any other band, You Me At Six probably felt the need to renew their performance in order to avoid the routine. Also, let’s not be greedy and enjoy what was one of You Me At Six‘s best french shows to date, because even the band members were seemingly having a great time. The atmosphere reached new levels of craziness at the last thirds of the set during Reckless and Bite My Tongue for example. But it’s after announcing Lived A Lie as the last song of the evening that Josh decided to jump into the crowd, giving more epicness to the already majestic track, leaving his microphone to some lucky fans who got invited on stage moments before.



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