Show Review : Suasion – Brussels (31.01.14)

1010993_340884412720690_1798563883_nThe first time I heard of Suasion was last summer, they still didn’t have any Facebook page or anything, just a bunch of preprods on a soundcloud and some calls to get a vocalist to complete their line up. But damn, those preprods were awesome. Last Friday, I got to see them live for the second time already.

The first time, they lacked a bit of presence on stage. Things had still to be put right. Friday, it was already much better, even though the stage of the DNA is ridiculously small and its sound was totally messed up. But yet …

I don’t doubt any second that the belgians will eventually transform themselves into a huge major act at some point, that could very well be really soon, in regards of what they have accomplished the last few months. Make your own mind: since those preprods I was talking about, they found a vocalist, recorded some material in Paris for an upcoming release, got themselves almost a thousand likes on Facebook without any advertising, played two gigs with some cool merch to sell, and, oh yeah, just released a banger of a lyrics video for their debut single Undepraved.

But what is most important when it comes to music is the sound. They play a refreshing but seriously heavy progressive metalcore, deeply inspired melodies, gently floating to your ears just as to break the ground under your feet under the heavyness of the rythms, technicality through simplicity, virtuosity that doesn’t sacrifice inspiration. Each single member of the band is already a master of his discipline, and the band’s all to be taken seriously.

There is not a single band I know that could better be named than Suasion. Just try it, you’ll be suaded. I dare you to listen to them live and not to bang your head, your fists and everything else. Both times I saw them, I couldn’t resist, and I sure am waiting for the next opportunity to catch them.

Until then, here is the video I talked about :

Words : BtK (website)


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  1. Thanks a lot for the amazing review. Looking forward to meeting again at our next shows, and for free ! You’ll be suaded as much as you want =D

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