Show Review: All Time Low + Supports (March 5th 2014)


Last year, All time low came to Paris at Le Bataclan, but had to cut their set short, because of lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth’s sickness. On March 5th this year, they decided to take a sweet revenge and show their French fans how an All Time Low show has to be.

7 pm, the lights were turned off. The first (local) band, Home most Days, showed up. The band presented a few new songs off their brand new album ‘Hermit’. It wasn’t bad and they surely have evolved progression since their previous few appearances over the years, despite some imperfections such as being out of tune vocally speaking. However, Home Most Days didn’t seem to completely catch the attention and connect with the audience. After a few songs and exchanges with the French public, they left the stage to Blitz Kids.

Blitz Kids: other universe, other vibes with those four guys from England. The audience quickly warmed up from the momen they jumped on stage. Joey, Jono, Nic and Matt, made the public go wild thanks to their charisma and thei excellent presence. Everyone at the venue started dancing and jumping even if a lot of people didn’t know the band before that. They completely shared their energy with the French public. The crowd responded really well to Blitz Kids‘ catchy songs that are for the majority taken from their most recent album ‘The Good Youth’ (released on January). It was delightful to have such a great band as a main support to All time Low for this new European tour. Even with some technical problems, that they managed to handle well, the British totally owned the stage. They left after a good 30-35 minutes show, even if the crowd was probably waiting for more. But it was time for this very anticipated band from Baltimore to come on stage.

After a few more minutes of waiting (with some great songs by the way) they were finally here, to prove they can do better. Alex, Jack, Rian and Zack were ready to make their fans have one of the best nights of their lives. Starting off with Do you want me (Dead?), the crowd was euphoric already and seemingly happy to see their favorite band (again). All Time Low was in good shape, more than ready to make people forget their last show. They even announced, as they began, a really long setlist, with 23 songs, as an apology for that February 2013 show they had to cut short.

Alex Gaskarth (vocal) and his partner in crime Jack Barakat (guitar) highlighted several times their excitement to be playing in “a red tent”, as Jack repeated several times during the night. The songs followed up, punctuated with a lot of jokes and obscenities (as usual) between the songs. After having played some of their biggest successes such as Break Your Little Heart, Stella, and Lost In Stereo to name a few, Gaskarth told the audience they wanted to play much older songs. This is how Paris had the chance to hear Vegas live for the first time. All Time Low also played Alex’s favorite song he ever wrote (that’s what he said), Guts. The oldest fans were very pleased. Everyone in the place sang the hit and fans’ favorite, Weightless and it was amazing to hear all the people sing along in choir these lyrics. Furthermore, All Time Low and particularly Alex Gaskarth offered a wonderful acoustic session, for Remembering Sunday and Therapy. People cried, and I admit it, it was really intense and moving.

After this little break, the show was resumed with so much energy that, when the guitarist began a Blink 182 Cover of All The Small Things, the place went wild, and the crowd started to sing very loud. Even the band was impressed. During Time Bomb, the guys picked up some lucky fans to come on stage . They had the chance to sing with All Time Low during the whole song. The band members thanked their fans for coming and for being an amazing audience, making them feel blessed. They left the stage after Backseat Serenade and Oh Calamity!.

But the crowd wanted more, so people loudly asked for an encore. The guys came back to do few more songs , A love like war and The Reckless and The Brave, as an encore, with a little Rage Against The Machine cover for Killing In The Name as a bonus. The band wrapped up the show with their classic closing song Dear Maria (Count Me In). After thanking everyone once again, All Time Low promised to come back to Paris. At this point, everyone was exhausted, full of music and with starry-eyed.

We can assure you that the show was a success and All Time Low probably managed to make people forget their last show in Paris for good!

Words : Chérifa B.

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