Show Review : Trash Boat / Trophy Eyes / As It Is – Paris


As It Is - Paris (Feb 2015) by Gaëlle Pitrel
As It Is – Paris (Feb 2015) by Gaëlle Pitrel

Although formed officially only a year ago, the Trash Boat boys have already a certain amount of stage experience under their belts and it’s perceptible as the first notes burst. It’s all fun and energetic, with uplifting tracks such as Cluttered Sign. Trash Boat are not revolutionizing their genre, however they play short and blunt tracks with efficiency. It’s plain honest and enjoyable. Reminiscent of the likes of The Story So Far and even Knuckle Puck, we are pleased to hear some more agressive passages, with Gnarmalade for instance, during which a friend of them will scream a few lyrics, excusing himself in advance for the mess. It’s only the first night of tour, but things are being fun and flawed already and that’s what we love about that kind of shows. It’s punk, it’s rock, no one really cares, because everyone’s here for the same reason : having fun and hearing good music.

Trophy Eyes pride themselves on their hybrid spirit combining pop punk and melodic hardcore. Between vocalist John’s compelling vocals and Pocket and Kevin’s uplifting riffs, the australian quintet gives the perfect emphasis to this evening. Slightly more agressive than their british fellows, their unique and already mastered sound seemed to surprise the young people pressing themselves at the front. We noticed that the band didn’t have time to properly rest between their UK tour and this first mainland date when John mentioned Roam instead of his current tour mates, which softened the atmosphere a little bit, making some of us laugh.Although not too many people in the audience knew about them, Trophy Eyes did a great job defending their record ‘Mend, Move On’ and probably won over a few people, thanks to an intense and sincere performance.

Our sight slightly changed when it was time for As It Is to perform. The average age of the crowd decreased by something like 10 years (not even exaggerating) and we’re surprised by the amount of very, very young kids forming the audience. It has probably something to do with the fact that As It Is covers the themes of angst and insecurities, and also the fact that their frontman had already a strong fanbase before forming this band, that still follows his work to this day. Aside form that, the band appears on top form, fronted by an overly energetic Patty Walters on clean vocals duty. Following up songs from their debut EP ‘This Mind Of Mine’, As It Is also presented a few new tracks, off their upcoming full length ‘Never Happy, Ever After’, including recent and popular single Dial Tones. The pop punk sensation knows how to own a stage despite being fairly young and there is no doubt they’ll know how to underscore the challenges that they’ll be facing in the near future. The dual vocals are well executed and we especially appreciate guitarist Ben’s raw way of singing, while everyone else in the band contributes to enhancing that fast, power pop punk side thatmakes As It Is‘ trademark. The communication between the band and the fans is smooth and Patty will apologize for spitting pineapple juice on the kids, forgetting it isn’t water, before joining the crowd for the final, heartfelt song Can’t Save Myself.



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