Show Review : Twin Atlantic – Paris (14.01.2015)

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 It’s not every day that you have the chance to see Twin Atlantic in the mainland and tonight, the fans have surely gathered to this venue, in eastern Paris to finally celebrate the return of the Scottish quatuor. Knowing especially that this was a rescheduled date for the show they had to cancel back in November, due to illness, the excitement amongst the audience was palpable.

It’s a little over 9am when the band walks the small stage, while the most enthusiastic fans in presence tried to get closer. The audience tonight is quite eclectic, in terms of age but also nationality as we could hear many people didn’t speak french, which felt great. Starting off with Hold On, Twin Atlantic obviously played many songs off their most recent release ‘Great Divide’, that is without any doubt designed to be played live. But the good thing is that with a consistent setlist of approximately one and a half hour, the older fans haven’t been left out, as the likes of The Ghost of Eddie and Edit Me made an appearance, without forgetting some of the band’s biggest anthems such as Make A Beast Of Myself and Free. Twin Atlantic are a very talented group of people, who play with passion and a real energy. Most of their music consists in uplifting melodies highlighted by singing parts, suitable for sing alongs (therefore the crowd’s involvement). The emotion even rose at times, when songs such as recent single Oceans or Be A Kid have been played.
If the first third of the show was rather calm, things quickly changed and no one was standing still anymore, especially in the central part of the venue, where people were singing and dancing non-stop in an extremely joyful atmosphere. But what caught our attention the most was the happiness gradually being outlined on the band members’ faces, sometimes even appearing surprised. Especially when singer Sam McTrusty decided to jump off stage and wander among the crowd, giving out high-fives here and there. Twin Atlantic were full of eagerness and positivity on that night, connecting particularly well with the fans and it was refreshing to see that music can actually unify people. In between jokes and a few words in a rusty french (his words), McTrusty didn’t forget to wish Paris people to stay strong, after the tragic events that  hit the capital city a week earlier.
The show ended in apotheosis with Heart And Soul, during which the stage got invaded by the fans, resulting in Sam leaving it to finish his set in the middle of the crowd in an atmosphere of sheer folly.


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