Show Review : Me Vs Hero – Paris (FR)

Me Vs Hero smallIt’s Friday night and we’re visiting another parisian venue for the first time for what’s going to be a fun pop-punk evening. Headlining today are no other than Me Vs Hero who are making their big return, alongside Above The Underground with support form french bands Spark Gap (that we unfortunately missed) and We Fall As One.


We’d already witnessed We Fall As One live supporting The Story So Far last year,and we had nodded along to their energetic Pop-Punk, but we noticed that the French maybe lacked originality tonight, despite the fact they tried to win the small audience over, something is off and we won’t quite be able to put our finger on it. A small amount of fans will quickly make themselves known at the front, and the last song of the set, Friendship, is awaited and fairly sung along to. Except for their already conquered fanbase, the band won’t really convince the audience tonight and maybe that is due to the sound problems. We hope to see them for a third time on the future and that maybe their set will be in better circumstances.


Hailing from Chester, UK, Above The Underground are a band we were already aware of, without necessarily knowing much about them or even having heard much music of theirs. Their support slot with Me Vs Hero was therefore a great way to discover what was this band really about. And it turned out to be a good surprise. Their set consisted in pleasant, well executed pop-punk, during which the band presented a few of their numbers, including recent tracks from their debut album ‘Sonder’ that has only seen the light this month. Now if the band and their music itself were quite good technically, it lacked a little bit of more “investment” on stage, which can sometimes make them look linear, which is a shame because their music is everything but that. Overall, Above The Underground were a very nice discovery and probably conquered a few new faces in Paris. Also, we recommend you all to listen to their debut album if you like good pop punk, because it’s a great one.


Next up are the headliners Me Vs Hero that we hadn’t seen in Europe for two years (supporting Simple Plan) and we had almost forgotten how crazy their performances were. The tiny, packed venue got messy ever since the first notes rang out, making everyone jump around and sing in Samuel Thompson’s mic. One delightful thing to witness was this proximity between a very down to earth band and those people who love their music and came to share a good time altogether. It’s Friday night and the James Hetfeeld’s pub downstairs room had just turned into a big party, with all those gang vocals everyone was singing along to, heartfelt melodies and everything else that makes Me Vs Hero so catchy and charming. The floorshow reached a high point when Me Vs Hero played their hit song Days That Shape Our Lives, as some people were trying themselves at a risky crowdsurf. Apparently during their absence,the band was hiding somewhere writing new music, so they also did present a new track that sounded pretty good. It had that great Me Vs Hero vibe but it sounded like fresh and renewed Me Vs Hero, which is a good point. The band also played a few other songs from their last album, such as Cashing Cheques and Warren Senses.  Things wrap up (too early) with Can You Count Suckers, while people are asking for more. Unfortunately this won’t happen, but one thing for sure, we can’t wait to see Me Vs Hero back in our shores shortly!


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