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    I like to think 2010 was the golden year of my fangirling days: it wasn’t as hectic and sugar­coated as 2009 and yet it still felt right to obsess over 10 bands without any shame whatsoever. Anyway, 2010 was also the year I saw “Sweeney Todd” for the first time and thought the blond guy who sung I’LL STEAAAAL YOUUUU JOHANNAAAAA was kinda cool. As you may know, that was Jamie Campbell Bower before all the hype.

  I fondly remember the afternoons I spent listening to his previous band, The Darling Buds, on myspace (oh the glory days): badly recorded demos and only 3 or 4 songs, but it already showed a lot of potential from Jamie and his bandmates Tristan Marmont, Roland Johnson and Dan Smith (Tristan and Roland are also part of Counterfeit now). It was good old catchy pop ­rock about love and relationships, one thing I never seem to get tired of. Alas, The Darling Buds never really took off, apart from a few shows and some acoustic songs Jamie played at various events. One can guess it was because the now internationally famous frontman was busy making films, building himself an ever growing army of fans (which is always handy).

It wasn’t a secret that the boys were planning their big return for some time already, but we didn’t learn about Counterfeit until June. And oh boy, was it a surprise.

The first enigmatic teaser announced a drastic change of concept: goodbye happy love songs, hello darkness. Seriously, Counterfeit is like The Darling Buds’ sexy older brother who wears sunglasses indoors and flirts with your friend’s mom. My friends and I joked about sensing a slight The Xcerts influence (masters in the genre if eerie­ dark rock songs and great friends of Jamie since day 1). Honestly, the new aesthetic was miles away from anything we’d seen before: enigmatic black and white videos, black skulls, industrial noise, blurry images. It all looks like some creepy indie film, and, you gotta give it to them, it’s quite well done.

(cute Counterfeit teasing)

Counterfeit know how to tease: 3 videos on their youtube channel and only one song released, the least you can say is that they can keep the mystery alive. Talking about the actual song, Come Get Some is certainly a promising first single: it’s new, electric, infectious, all fast riffs and massive sing alongs. Jamie’s vocal style has drastically changed as well (not gonna lie, it does suit this type of music better), on another enigmatic studio video he almost sounds Cobain­esque, who would have thought ? If you had told 13 year old me that “I’ll steal you Johannaaaa” was going to play psycho in teasing videos and sing suggestive rock songs I wouldn’t have believed a word of it. And yet, here we are.

But frankly, I’m all for it, I’m all for big changes and murky atmospheres. Just fuck me up guys. I’m therefore patiently waiting for:
a) New songs
b) New album
c) Some creepy music video guesting starring The Xcerts, because it would only be fair after Jamie’s memorable appearance in Young (belane).
d) The European shows in January

So that’s what we know about Counterfeit so far, it’s not much, but it’s promising and I’m really looking forward to the Paris date of their upcoming tour (which we’re attending), where we will hopefuly meet in the pit, as they say.


Tour will go as follows :


07 – Copenhagen (DK)
08 – Hamburg (DE)
09 – Berlin (DE)
10 – Cologne (DE)
13 – Milan (IT)
15 – Paris (FR)

Tickets are already on sale.

Words : Andy


More info :


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